Meet a rare breed of devoted racer: Stacy Kohut, the world’s fastest mountain biker on four wheels. Brought up in a drag racing family, as a grom Kohut rode full throttle into everything — BMX, skateboarding, motocross, ski racing. An accident on a swingset in 1992 nearly ended all that …
Today, Kohut credits those experiences for the athletic prowess needed to master the custom four-wheeled mountain bike of his own design. And as unique as his machine, Kohut is one of the most devout athletes to his sport.

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  • bikerboy13

    This man is a truly amazing breed… he shows how tough you have to be when being a disabled person. He shows US that you can still have a blast getting down the hill even if it’s on 4 wheels and not 2

  • C-Lo

    I love seeing people riding despite their circumstances. Good for him!

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