This is the video that started it all for the now-legendary trials genius, Danny MacAskill. With almost 29 million views on Youtube, odds are that if you ride a bike, you’ve seen this video already. Even if you have, it’s always worth another watch:

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  • steve32300

    This vid is soo beutiful,I mean, it’s on such a level that sends a message of how good riding is.I know ol’ Danny is a pro,and my hay day’s of pulling jumps,tricks and a little free style are way behind me,but it really does remind me of the way we used ride back in the mid to late 70’s going around town bunny hopping,tricking off of whatever obstacles we could find on the way on our cross town trek’s on a hot summer’s day and cool evening’s in the sunset’s.There’s a lake called Standley lake we would ride up to somtimes that somone built a big ramp facing the water and those guys would use it like a foam pit to practice bigger better harder jumping tricks,man,memories huh???We use to ride for hours sometimes to go check out some dirt jumps we heard of in the middle of summer,no water bottles,no food,no gel packs,just our bmx bikes and an inspiration to ride off in the sunset’s,hahahaha.

  • Jared13

    My favorite non-riding parts of that video is all the people going to check out where he jumped from. I can just imagine the thoughts running through their heads!

  • skibum

    When you’ve got skills like that, the whole world is nuthin’ but a big ol’ playground!

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