We featured a really diverse set of mountain bike photos this week: everything from an endo to gnarly downhill to chill cross-country to artsy shots to riding above the clouds in Italy. Many thanks to all of the great photographers that submitted these photos!

Think you have what it takes to make POD? Submit your photo here!

“This is the Rock Bridge State Park Show-Me Mountain Bike Race! This is located in Columbia, Missouri 10/2010.” Photo: Nicole Stacey.

Photo: element22.

“Miss Petra Davis on a breezy Tuesday evening in the X-country Race Series @ Kincaid Park, Anchorage.” Photo: Daniel Christianson.

Photo: chukt.

Photo: Durango Devo.

Trail: Rabbit Valley Rim Trail #8, Fruita, Colorado. Photo: chukt.

Trail: Val Di Bove, Ussita, Italy. Photo: barbonis.

Your Turn: Which photo do you think takes top honors this week?

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  • Bonsai-CP

    Bahahahahaha…..The first pic was just too funny. I did one of those, but not as extreme into a landing of a 4′ ledge drop. It was sick looking. The guys thought I did that intentionally, but i won’t tell…LOL!

  • jaredmcvay

    I seem to end up like the first one more than I like to admit. POD just seems to be right place, right time most of the time…

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