Photo Blog: #30daysofbiking Days 3 and 4: Fat Biking in the Snow

This weekend, things didn’t go quite as planned for 30 Days of Biking, thanks to a big snowstorm blasting into the state of Colorado. Still, what’s biking in April like without a few weather challenges?!

Day 3

The snow was falling fast and furious all day in Salida, so I hopped on the fat bike for a quick jaunt across town for a coffee meeting. At just under 3 miles, this has been my shortest #30daysofbiking day so far.

Day 4

My lovely wife was out of town for the evening, so despite some gloomy weather conditions, I couldn’t stop myself from getting out in the snow for a ride!
Heading up Marshall Pass Road. While it was dry down low, I was pretty certain I’d hit snow quickly.
Rolling a fatty.
Mud and slush as I climbed higher.
I had heard that this road was groomed for snowmobiling during the winter, but it looked like the snow cat hadn’t been out in quite a while.
The Bike Nashbar Big Ol’ Fat Bike overlooking O’Haver Lake.
O’Haver Lake
At this point, I was still slogging uphill through mud and slush. I rode another half a mile or so beyond the lake, and then ended up turning around and heading back down. My hopes of a blissful, groommed snow ride had been shattered.
As I descended back to the truck, I took a little jog off the beaten path, and got to experience a short mile of blissful snow!
Finally, rolling on snow!

First tracks!
While it was great to get out for a ride, descending through the freezing-cold mud and slush was not enjoyable. The fatty wasn’t happy about it, either.
A bath was definitely in order!

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