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Niner Bikes has agreed to sell to an unnamed Colorado-based investor group, according to a report on Bicycle Retailer“They’re a group of passionate cycling enthusiasts who want to help us grow, innovate, and thrive. Their involvement guarantees that Niner will continue to be here for our riders, supporters, and industry partners for years to come,” said Niner.

Niner’s founder and president, Chris Sugai, will continue to be involved, and he doesn’t expect day-to-day operations to change much at all.  “I’ll still be directly involved in the day-to-day operations, working diligently with our incredible team to explore and push the boundaries of this amazing brand’s potential,” said Sugai.

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  • Jeff Barber

    I really like the folks at Niner so I hope this works out well for them.

    My other hope is that an infusion of capital will allow Niner to start pushing the envelope once again. There has been real innovation in 29er designs over the last couple years (long travel, in particular) but Niner has sorta been on the sidelines lately.

    My final hope is that the investors aren’t planning to add e-29ers to the Niner lineup. 🙂

    • Plusbike Nerd

      I agree with you. In addition, Niner seems like a natural fit to produce 29+ full-suspension that will run 2.6 to 2.8 tires. I was always disappointed that Niner didn’t become the 29+ specialist and instead made 27.5+ bikes like every other bike company. 27.5+ doesn’t seem to fit the “Niner” mission. I been riding a 29+ hardtail for a couple of years now and I have been impatiently waiting for full-suspension 29+.

  • rajflyboy

    Did Niner start the 29er trend?

    Or did they come along during the 29er movement ?

    I have always wondered about this.

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