This week it seems like I’ve been reading a lot about initiatives to make drivers more aware of cyclists on the road. Of course as mountain bikers we think this doesn’t concern us since we generally try to stay as far away from the road as possible but in reality it is important to everyone on two wheels. Some of us may use our mountain bikes to commute to work while others of us who live in more urban areas find ourselves on the road as we link up spotty sections of singletrack around town. Still others of us may actually ride a road bike from time to time, though we really hate to admit that 😉

Anyway, here’s what I’ve seen this week:

  • DOTHETEST: A witty campaign running in UK to increase driver awareness.
  • Sports Illustrated online ran a story about cyclists who have been injured or killed in California in the last few years. The whole point of the article seems to be pretty simple: drivers should pay better attention.
  • On Tuesday the Metro Atlanta Mayors Association and GEORGIA BIKES! held a ‘Ride to the Capitol‘ to raise support for the development of a regional-scale bicycle network.
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