The Specialized Demo has been completely redesigned for 2015 with the help of Aaron Gwin and other top downhill racing pros. Check out this first-look teaser from Red Bull about the design and development of the new rig. One thing is certain: this rear suspension design is pretty radical!

Asymmetrical rear suspension design.

Asymmetrical rear suspension design.

Note: word on the street is that this bike will retail for $13,500, with some people claiming closer to $14,500… but I haven’t seen an official MSRP yet. Regardless, you can bet that the price will be somewhere between ridiculously expensive and take-out-a-second-mortgage.

Availability: January 2015.

2014-07-29 new demo

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  • delphinide

    That is a super cool looking DH bike. I am betting that it is around 30lbs, and it won’t be long before DH rigs are in the upper 20s. Amazing.

  • mtbgreg1

    PS This bike would look so cool with a lefty fork. Functional for downhill, or feasible since this bike has a big S on it? Of course not. But it would look so cool…

  • Gdb49

    Do we get a free one with our subscription to Singletracks?

  • syd

    I want that bike….Very nice..Elegant , simple in design.

  • jkldouglas

    Props to the engineers for thinking outside the box because this thing looks awesome. I am, however, interested to see what the new aluminum Demo 8 looks like. Carbon can be engineered in a way that aluminum can’t…

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