I’m just going to say it:  I love the Moxie Cycledelic jersey.  I love how pretty it is, I love the smooth lines, and I love the fit.  This jersey kept me cool and allowed me total freedom of movement on my bike.

The Moxie jerseys come wrapped with a ribbon. This adds just the right amount of femininity; yet it's not overly girly.

When I first tried on my jersey I thought, “Wow.”  I normally bike in baggy, loose-fitting moisture-wicking shirts.  It’s been a long time since I’ve worn anything that fitted.  Still, I liked the way it looked.

At first I thought the built-in sports bra was too snug, but after biking for a few minutes I adjusted to it and it didn’t hinder my breathing.  It wasn’t uncomfortable either.

The first day I wore the jersey out I was by myself on some local trails.  It was a cool morning so I had a long-sleeve shirt over it.  Soon I warmed up enough to take off the long-sleeved layer; when I started biking again I couldn’t believe the difference!  Maybe it was mental, but I felt like I had so much more freedom to move around.  There was no clothing getting hung on my bike seat, no shirt flapping around…everything was snug.  I honestly felt like I rode better that day because I had more mobility with a fitted jersey.

The Moxie Cycledelic jersey's second test - a long ride on the Western Rim

The jersey has a t-back and 3 pockets as well; for short rides or road bike rides these pockets would securely hold gels, etc.

I worried the t-back and my Camelbak might not work well together, but I had no issues with rubbing or irritation. This Moxie jersey just stays put.

Of course, wearing something that shows off that much skin does make it important to be diligent with the sunscreen!  Also, if you’re newer to biking or if you just crash a lot you might want something with more skin protection.

I’m already trying to decide which of Moxie’s other jersey designs I want to get next.  Maybe it’s a placebo effect, but I feel like a better biker when I’m wearing a jersey like this.

Moxie jerseys have ergonomic seams, built-in sports bra with removable bra-cups, a 3-pocket design and, of course, moisture-wicking fabric.  I never once felt sweaty.  You can find their jerseys in a few stores throughout the country, or online here.  They range in price online from $45-$58 plus shipping.

Thanks so much to Moxie for letting me try out this jersey!

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  • mtbgreg1

    Sounds like a well thought out jersey! However, I wonder how much the lack of sweat was just due to the climate 😉

      • mtbikerchick

        SO TRUE. Trust me Greg, normally I sweat a LOT.

      • mtbgreg1

        Lol yeah but not compared to Georgia. After returning to the southeast after riding out West in the dry deserts climes all summer, it took me a while to get use to having my clothes completely soaked through within 5 minutes of getting on the bike… And staying that way throughout the entire ride! Still, around here we don’t have the direct scalding heat of the sun, which takes a different toll.

    • jeff

      I sweated balls in Colorado this summer–but not so much in Las Vegas. Out there I just got salty. 🙂

      • maddslacker

        Yeah you actually sweat just as much out here as in the SE, it just evaporates quickly. 😀

      • mtbgreg1

        Yeah exactly. It’s not the same soggy drowned rat feeling out in the desert haha!

    • mtbgreg1

      All I’m saying is its a little different everywhere you go 😉

      • mtbikerchick

        I hate the soggy drowned rat feeling. The last time I visited my parents (in Georgia) I could see the moisture just hanging there in the air…

      • mtbgreg1

        Lol yeah that’s all I’m saying. But based on your article I’m sure the moxie would perform great compared to other jerseys in that environment too!

  • mtbikerchick

    Well the lack of sweat definitely could have been just because there was more of me exposed and available for cool down…but either way the bottom line is: the jersey is awesome. I’m not sure I’d wear it somewhere super technical, just because of the greater chance of injury and the lack of coverage on my arms, but I can definitely see it getting worn a LOT in the dead of summer.

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