Feel Good, Ride Good: Unique Styles for Any Body by Shredly

A super comfortable top and matching, patterned MTB shorts from Shredly.
Photos: Matt Miller

Chances are, if you’re a female mountain biker you’ve heard of Shredly or seen their products out on the trails. Rainbow colored dinosaur shorts should ring a bell.

Up until female-centric brands like Shredly came along, a majority of women’s riding apparel was ill-fitting and, quite frankly, pretty boring. They’ve done a great job of adding color and more exciting options to women’s MTB apparel.

I was able to get my hands on a couple items from Shredly recently. I’ve worn the products in the dry, Colorado heat and in cool and humid northern Michigan.


Shredly offers a variety of shorts to fit women of all shapes and sizes. The range in sizes makes these some of the most popular and inclusive shorts in women’s mountain bike apparel. The MTB SHORT comes in short, long, and curvy cuts. The short and long have the same fit but differ in length, both are offered in sizes 00 to 14, or up to 18 depending on style. The curvy short also comes in both inseam lengths and offers more shape in the hips and thighs, with sizing from 2 to 24 to satisfy nearly all body sizes.

I tried the short cut and unfortunately, the 11.25″ inseam is still a bit long on me, but fits great everywhere else.

The Kaiholo pattern is tropical and ideal for summer. The fabric has a nice stretch that allows for movement while maintaining its shape. I rode for over five hours in them and they didn’t seem to stretch out at all. I found the inside waist adjustment system was great to ensure just the right fit with no waist gap.

I am all about a pair of shorts that have pockets that I can actually fit things in, and these have them. They have regular front pockets deep enough for a phone and a large side pocket for any essentials.

For extra airflow, The MTB SHORT is designed with zippered thigh vents. This is one of the only things I personally don’t care for in these shorts. While it provides extra airflow, the opening seems really large and looks awkward when unzipped. I would almost prefer to lose the side pocket and gain the vents there instead. Overall, the vent is a minor grievance and can be avoided by not opening it. The shorts are pretty breathable with the vent closed.

I found these to be true to size. It’s hard to find shorts that hit all the marks in terms of comfort, versatility, and style. For $98, these do the trick.

Shredly Raglan ¾ Top

In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, Shredly recently developed ecoFAB, a new fabric comprised of both recycled and renewable fibers. This top is made with ecoFAB, which is a blend of Tencel, recycled polyester, and lycra. It is anti-microbial and designed with breathability and moisture management in mind.

When I put the Raglan 3/4 on I thought it might be the softest shirt I’ve ever worn and considered going right back to bed because it feels like a pajama top. I have the top with the Cloud Mist Gray colored torso and the Kaiholo pattern on the sleeves. The ecoFAB seems like it pretty much checks all the boxes. It feels light on the body, it’s odor resistant, and it doesn’t wrinkle. The fabric does a pretty good job with the moisture control too unless you’re riding with a camera pack like me, in which case you know you are going to be pretty sweaty.

Overall, the Raglan ¾ is really comfortable. If you are looking for a good all-around bike jersey and don’t mind spending $68 this will take you from the couch to the trails, providing comfort along the way.

When you wear Shredly gear, you’re automatically in this new club with a bunch of ladies you’ve never even met. The excitement from women wearing this brand is unlike anything I have ever seen. As you pass others on the trail, you’ll probably hear “Love your Shredlies!”

The Raglan ¾ top and the MTB SHORT are a great addition to any MTB wardrobe, providing comfort and style to the ride. While they may be on the pricier side, 70% of Shredly’s 2019 line-up was made with recycled materials. I am happy to pay a bit more knowing the company is focusing on more sustainable practices.

  • View the full line of Shredly shorts and mountain bike gear for women at Shredly.com with select styles available at Backcountry.com

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The Feel Good, Ride Good series is an effort to help women find mountain bike gear and clothing that just feels right. We recognize women have different body shapes, styles, and needs so we hope to help them discover women’s products that fit those unique requirements so we can just focus on the ride. While we are all different, we all want gear that fits, that works, and matches the energy and personality we bring to the bike. We’ll be back on #FeelGoodFriday with more women’s MTB products.