Ive always been a fan of Moots bikes for a number of reasons: theyre from Colorado, the frames are titanium, and theyre generally built for speed on the XC trail. But the Moots Mooto X YBB 29er caught my eye for another reason: its a soft tail mountain bike.

For the uninitiated, a soft tail isnt the same as a full suspension mountain bike in that it typically only offers about an inch of travel and the shock is usually mounted inline with the frame. This has the advantage of lower weights (only adds about pound) and more efficient climbing out of the saddle. With any soft tail design, the chainstays typically need to be flexible and titanium is the perfect material to make that happen.

Of all the bikes I demoed this year, the Mooto X YBB was definitely my favorite. Its lightweight for a 29er thanks to titanium tubing and even more so for a 29er with an inch of rear travel. As I climbed the trails at Bootleg Canyon I literally forgot I wasnt on a hardtail, except for the fact that I got slightly better traction on short, bumpy climbs. The Mooto X YBB felt responsive and was literally a joy to ride up (and down) hill.

Speaking of going down, the Mooto X YBB offered just the right amount of shock absorption without feeling mushy at all. Some have described the ride as feeling a bit like riding an under-inflated rear tire, which I suppose isnt too far off. I could definitely see myself riding this bike for a hundred miles without feeling beat up at the end of the day. I had so much fun on the Mooto X YBB that I caught myself getting air off small bumps that I had been rolling over all morning long.

The Moots Mooto X YBB offers the perfect blend of efficient, XC-style climbing and riding with the traction and control advantages of a fully-suspended design. On top of that, the Mooto X YBB is lightweight, fast, and a joy to ride. If youre on the fence between a hardtail 29er and a FS ride (29er or 26er), definitely give the Mooto X YBB a look – who says you cant have it all?

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  • steve32300

    My buddy up in fruita colorado borrowed a moots titanium 29er soft tail from his boss one time and I gotta say that he had a blast on it,it was even a single speed and he said it made for that much more fun.

  • fleetwood

    Soft-tail, eh? Learn something everyday. Thanks for the write up. Very interesting. How much does one of those run?

  • GoldenGoose

    So how exactly does this thing work? Flex in the chainstays transfers up to the shock behind the seat tube? Or does it have a normal pivot around the BB like most FS bikes?

  • trek7k

    No pivots. There’s a sprung shock connecting the seat tube with the seat stays (shown in the detail photo above). The chainstays flex just enough as the shock compresses and rebounds.

    One of the problems with this arrangement is that over time fatigue can weaken the chainstays. The folks at Moots tell me this isn’t an issue with Titanium but I don’t know if that’s true…

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