photo: Jeff Barber

In what may be a first, HydaPak is offering a hydration bladder with built-in insulation to keep drinks cold on the trail. While many packs offer insulation to keep liquids colder, longer, this option uses a foam-like material that doesn’t add a lot of weight or bulk.

For 2018/19, Hydrapak has redesigned their output valve as well. It’s still compatible with existing hoses, but the company manages to get a 20% better flow rate, which is welcome news for those who love to chug.

Finally, there’s also an insulated hose option which mountain bikers will find comes with a handy dust cover for the bite valve.

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  • Downhill Mike

    Would it work for winter fat bike rides and keep my water from Freezing?Most likely not in the minus twenty ride?

    • Jeff Barber

      Not going to prevent freezing, but it will delay it.

      If you want something that won’t freeze, fill your pack with whiskey. 🙂

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