Here’s a concept that might appeal to the gadget geeks: A iPod / bike integration that doesn’t suck. Of course we’ve seen iPod/iPhone holders that mount on handlebars but this Cannondale concept goes a bit further and seems vaguely familiar (Nike+ anyone?). Seems like everyone wants a piece of iPod pie these days.

Cannondale’s idea is that the iPod can be connected to display various data collected on the bike – speed, distance, cadence, power, etc. The concept even adds in a rear-view camera for extra measure, though Gizmodo assures us this is technically impossible. I think the camera idea is a good one and I even suggested a while back that Garmin should wirelessly integrate a camera display into the new Edge series (a helmet cam monitor would be sweet!). Someday? Probably not but we can dream…

via Gizmodo.


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  • dmurphy

    Sounds like a great idea…. until I lay my bike down on a rocky trail. Or I ride anywhere that there happens to be dust. :/ I don’t mind scratching up my legs and arms, but my iPod? No thanks!

  • mrhampton10

    Agreed, I’d have to have an awfully nice case or something before I trusted that..

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