is this titus racer x worth the price on craigslist?

Forums Mountain Bike Forum is this titus racer x worth the price on craigslist?


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    hey guys, I need help figuring out if this bike is a good deal or not.  any comments are appreciated, thanks!


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    It looks like a nice bike, well taken care of, but I’d personnally have a hard time paying that much for a 8 year old bike.

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    I agree with gar29. You should be paying at most half of the current price.

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    But dang, that thing is light–just over 22lbs w/out pedals?

    I actually rode with a guy this weekend who was on a Racer X of about the same vintage. Seemed to do ok for him.

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    Racer X was an awesome xc fully in its day.  A very light but fully competent bike capable of getting a little rowdy as well as slaying xc courses.  Given that it looks well cared for, I wouldn’t be so concerned about its age as I would the basic obsolescence of 26″ wheels for xc riding.  I still have a 26″ xc-oriented trail bike, but I wouldn’t pay four figures for one if I was just buying one now.

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