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    First does it make sense?
    I ride mostly XC and singletrack at this time.   I currently have 36/22T crankset and 11/36T 9 speed cassette

    What do I need to look for in the crankset description?   Some of the descriptions on TBS and JensonUSA confuse me
    What cranksets would you recommend?

    I’m not a weight weenie, and a good inexpensive crankset Would be great.

    I know there are previous threads asking similar questions, I just didn’t want to hijack their posts.

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    What kind of crankset are you currently running? It might be possible to convert it to 1×9, in which case you would only need to buy a chain ring. I did this with my 2×10, X0 crankset a few years back using a direct mount chainring from North Shore Billet.

    Converting a 2×10 Drivetrain to 1×10

    If you can’t convert your existing 2x chainring, go with the Truvativ Stylo. I’ve been running this crankset on my 1×9, 29er for 8 years or so and it’s super solid. On sale at JensonUSA right now!


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      You should be able to replace the big ring with a bash ring and the small ring with a 30t or 32t and be fairly good to go.  I converted from 3×9 to 1×9 by putting a bash ring for the big rint and a 32t for the middle.. I am running a 12-36 cassette but I have ordered that 11-40 from Amazon.

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    I’m doing a conversion like this on my fat bike right now. If you want a little bit wider range check out this sunrace 11-40t 9 speed cassette. I have mine on order right now. I’ll try to follow up once I get it on and let you know how it works.

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    If you have the money, and are willing to spend it, I would go 1×10 or 11. I have the 11 on my stumpy, and it is a great setup, you feel you have the same range, but it simplifies riding, and cleans up your bars a bit! Without the shifter.

    So if you have the money, I would go with 1×10 or 11, or you could just get 1×9, will still work. The Shimano SLX/LX/Deore line is good, and can be found cheap, then you can strip one of the cogs off the crank to make it 1 instead of 2, that is a cost effective way to do it.

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    Thanks guys.    I don’t have the money at this time so I think I’ll just get myself a 30t narrow-wide chainring and put that on.  Later maybe I’ll follow up with the drivetrain.

    Will I need to get a special chain to go with the NW Race Face chainring?


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