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    Hey guys! First posting here and am very new to mountain biking. Anyone in the Albany NY area used the Purple trail through Albany Pine Bush? Looks pretty wide so I’m thinking its a good place to start (plus there is an entrance to it right around the corner from my house).

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    Hi David

    Welcome from the Finger Lakes!

    I have not ridden the Pine Bush, but there is a review of it here:

    From the descriptions and photos, it appears to be the perfect trail for someone new to mountain biking.


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    Pine Bush is a good spot to learn. Easy and helps build up some conditioning.


    From there you have a lot of great options to building your skills!  Bethlehem is another great little track to add some skills at, then the Colonie trails. Luther Forest is a great spot as well.


    If if you can take the time to drive up to Gurney, they have a lot to offer and the most groomed trails in the area.


    Daniels road is probably the best trail system in the area, but I would wait till you feel more confident on the bike. It’s the most technically challenging in the area. A lot of rocks and roots.

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    Yeah, Pine Bush Preserve is pretty easy and good for first times. Staff is nice too. Watch out for ticks! Nearby, is what is called on Singletracks Cemetery loop- this is just a mile West in 155. Turn left on Pinehurst BLVD and go to end. The description is correct, but somehow it got messed up with some other area in New Scotland. These are trails just like Pine Bush. Very beginner. Close by is North Bethlehem town Park.mostly all beginner, but twisty and fast. On very very twisty loop in a small area where they just about come upon each other. Schenectady Central park is a little harder, but not much. I bet that gets quite busy though. I’ve only ridden it at off hours (like 11 am wednesday). Keep away from Thatcher Park until you have better skills and a full suspension. and a mouth guard. As you get more confident, as Franks29 says – Luther Forest seems to get better and better with age. MOstly nice easy singletrack if you like it, and then more technical. But, the as Franks29 suggest, Gurney Lane is as good as it gets. Nothing too technical if you don’t want. Other than Excaliber,(oh, and E-20 and Tango) you could handle it with some more seasoning. Flow is the word. Very well signed. Earns its spot at or near the top of NYS trails on Singletracks. I gotta ride Lippmann to see what the fuss there is about


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      I ride Lippman about once a month.  Its a great concept and set of trails, but its tight.  Great place for the kiddos.  My 10 y/o daughter loves it.  I’m riding a FS 29er Stumpy, and its just too big compared to my old HT Stumpy EVO for Lippman.  Onteora Lake and Jockey Hill have longer lines, but the trails are pretty chunky, not groomed MTB specific like Lippman.  Try Lippman for sure, but outside of Devil’s Drop, there really isn’t anything more than Blue trails.


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    I’ve also ridden Elm Ridge recently. Easily my new favorite spot in the area!

    Very well built with excellent trail markings and has a lot to offer.  It’s kind of like Gurney, but much bigger and all around more fun!


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