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    My rear 8 speed derailleur broke in a crash and I want to upgrade to the Shimano deore 1×10 drive train but I’m not sure if it’s worth it for almost $300? Is making the switch with it? I have a trek marlin 6 and upgrading would be half the cost of my bike.

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    Totally not worth the $$ and labor.

    Get a new derailleur for 20 bucks (https://www.cambriabike.com/products/shimano-altus-m310-7-8-speed-rear-derailleur?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI7pux4rbh4QIVA56fCh1PIgPnEAQYBCABEgJ8P_D_BwE) and ride that bike as hard as you can.  Save your money for your next bike.

    And happy Easter ūüôā

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    Depends how you do it. Zee shifter + SLX derailleur + sunrace cassette should be under $150. Can you put a narrow-wide ring on your current crank?

    I considered doing this piece by piece but wasn’t sure if 10 speed derailleur would work with 8 speed chain. So I went with a 11-40 8-speed cassette. First ride went well but I need to hold my chain better. Either device or narrow-wide needed. Thought about using old derailleur fixed in place but I think there will be too much up and down play.

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    I did a Shimano 8 to 10 speed upgrade about 2 years ago and it works great. If you shop around a bit, you should find a new or slightly used 10 speed SLX and new chain and shifter for under $150. Also get some new cable to go with it.  Takes about an hour.

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    It’s only going to be worth changing if you get a wide range cassette.¬† Get an 11-46 cassette minimum and 11-50 would be better.¬† ¬†And why limit yourself to 1×10?¬† Why not 1×11 or 1×12?¬† ¬†They all fit on the same hub.¬† By the time you buy a new cassette, derailleur, shifter, chain, cables, and chainring, your going to spend some green.¬† Given the cost of your bike, it might be better just to replace the old derailleur.¬† ¬†However, if you old drivetrain is already pretty worn out and you need a new chain, cassette,¬† and cables anyway, on top of replacing the broken derailleur, now might be the time to switch to 1x.¬† I like the the Sram Eagle NX 1×12 with an 11-50 cassette which is suprisingly inexpensive.¬† Also check out the cassettes at Sunrace.

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