Five2Ride: Five of the Best MTB Trails in New York

photo: kellyrides

New York is known as the Empire State, due in large part to the state’s influence in US business, culture, and industry. But New York is also quietly building a singletrack empire, one that’s based on high quality, accessible mountain bike trails located throughout the state. As the largest northeastern US state, New York boasts multiple mountain ranges and vast wild areas begging for mountain …

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Trail Runner Impaled By a “Deliberately-Planted Spike”

A spike booby trap found at Buffalo Creek in Colorado. Photo: Tim Fishback

We’ve reported about trail booby traps many times in the past, and often the argument has arisen in the comments section that spike-based booby traps are likely to be much more dangerous and damaging for hikers or horseback riders than they would be for mountain bikers. This generally-accepted hypothetical argument has unfortunately moved from the realm of …

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Living it Up Above Laramie: Riding Southeast Wyoming, Part 2

Medicine Bow National Forest. Photo: djvass via Flickr Creative Commons:

While the area between Cheyenne and Laramie is an island of terrain in the midst of an endless prairie sea, the area to the west of Laramie is home to a major mountain range, which also hosts expansive, unique, and highly-entertaining mountain biking. After familiarizing myself with all the nearby riding between two of Wyoming’s …

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Wind, Rocks, and Rowdy Singletrack: Riding Southeast Wyoming, Part 1

Some of Curt Gowdy's trails are not for the faint of heart (photo: RoadWarrior)

Between Cheyenne and Laramie, Wyoming, there is a mountain bikers playground of land that runs between I-80 and the Happy Jack Road. Here you’ll find tremendous variety in addition to many miles of singletrack. While Cheyenne and Laramie are the state’s largest and third largest cities respectively, their combined populations still fall short of 100,000, so …

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Announcing the Winners of the #TrailTales Essay Contest

Photo: Chris Gibbs

The competition in our #TrailTales contest was fierce, with stories of high adventure (and misadventure) submitted from all corners of the globe. The essays were judged based on four different criteria: Cohesiveness of narrative arc Creativity of language and style Uniqueness of perspective Exactness of spelling, grammar, and punctuation Pitting all of these unique essays …

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A Honeymoon in the Alps


At a snail’s pace, my legs burning, I climbed the last mile to the top of the Grand Col du Ferret.  Wiping sleet and mud from my eyes, I wondered why we hadn’t picked a more traditional honeymoon.  At that very moment, I could have been reading a book on a Tahitian beach or drinking …

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