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Fire Road
↑ 4,800 ft
↓ 6,400 ft
elevation (ft)

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About this trail
From the parking lot follow the cobble stone road toward the mountain, you will eventaully make
it to the Vista Bahn. From thereget on the Villiage trail, heading up the mountain.On the first
switch back, another road will come in, ignore it by going up the switch back. The next road you
will come across will be blocke d off by a mountain gate, it is so you can't drive up the mountain
any further. Turn right and go around the gate. Continue climbing up a steep section. The road
will mellow out and you will arriveat chair 2. Continue on climbing up Gitalong road ignoring all
side trails. Eventualy you will meet back up with the village trail. Take a right, and at Mid-Vail
get on the trail called Upper Fire-weed. This trail will take you to Eagles Nest. From Eagles Nest
get on the Grand Traverse. Ignore all spurs, and you will end up, 5 miles late, at PHQ. From
there ride down Kloser's Climb about 20 feet and take the unmarked trail to your left. It is legal
and marke on the trail map. This will take you back to Mid-Vail. From there get on Lower Fred's
Lunch. This will drop you on to Cub's Way. Take a right and follow this road untill you reach
Lower Fred's Lunch. You will pass one road on Lower Fred's Lunch. At the bottom of Lower
Fred's Lunchtake a leftand follow the road up Ignore all spurs, untill you reach lower nine line.
Take a right down lower nine line, which will lead you to Mane Lane. Mane Lane will lead to Lion
Down, which will pop you out at the first road you saw on the Village Trail. From there return
back to the parking garage.
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Trail Features
Trail features
  • Lift Service
  • Drinking Water
  •   Night Riding
  • Pump Track
  • Restrooms
  • Winter Fat Biking
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Q: are trails open now -torqdude

A: Yes, all trails are open.

FredCook answered on July 2, 2018. Did you find this helpful? Yes | No


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September 19, 2018
Review: Rode here last weekend for the first time. Weather was perfect, aspens were golden, and the views were amazing. No lines at either gondola. Conditions were dry and some of the downhill trails were pretty blownout, but still had a fantastic time. Climbed up the road to top of Grand Traverse and rode back down Grand Traverse which was amazing. Also rode Game creek off the back which was also fantastic. Tons of other trails there, but not enough time to hit them all. Will be back for sure.


October 14, 2017
FredCook Gnarly  
Review: Visited Vail the 4th of July week. A lot has changed since my last visit there to ride. Mainly... a gazzillion people! Local business owners say that July is now Vail's busiest month, with 4th of July the busiest week, surpassing winter. It seems there wasn't a room or condo available anywhere. At one point, there was a 30-40 minute wait for the lift to the top. Fortunately, I was there a full week so I could plan my rides around the crowds. Some of the trails are showing significant wear. But all in all, Vail can be fun and doesn't require a lot of arobics since it pretty much all down hill. Most everyone sticks to the downhill stuff, of which there is plenty to choose from. If you venture out of Vail proper, and the local's trails, you have a better experience in my opinion, and can practice your high altitude aerobics. :)

Granny Gear

August 9, 2017
Review: Me (15) and my brother (12) really enjoyed our stay at Vail. Our favorite trail was Big Mamba. We had a lot of fun. Our only complaint is that the trails don't seem to be rated correctly because we noticed some blues would be very easy and others not so much. It didn't make much sense?


September 28, 2016
John Fisch Epic  
Review: I found these trails to be better than expected based on previous reviews. There are some problems--some trails are badly rutted, trails listed as DH/FR are usually just steeper cross country trails, there is definite grade inflation (trails listed as harder than they really are). But if you know what these trails are going in and are not looking for an extreme experience, there is much fun to be had. The newer Radio Flyer has the best flow, but is not intimidating in any way, so just about anyone can have a good time lapping that one. PMT is one of the better choices among the "black" trails. Hank's Hideaway could be better with a little maintenance--it is a very fast trail, but too many of the typical Vail biking noobs grab too much brake too often, causing the trail to be badly stutter bumped. Be advised, Son of Simba has a couple sharp climbs to get back to the base area, but they are short.

So it's not real lift-served resort riding, nor is it genuine cross country riding, so it wont' appeal to purists of either type, but it can be a good place to just get out and let 'em roll.

World Champ

October 8, 2015
Greg Heil World Champ  
Review: While I had a fun time riding the trails here, especially the likes of PMT, other trails were poorly-built. The flow on Big Mamba is horrible, with corners that are too sharp (despite being bermed), and singletrack that shoots you back up hill, forcing you to lose all momentum (despite being an "intermediate freeride trail). While I had a good time riding here, this is the worst ski resort I've ridden in Colorado.


March 28, 2014
Review: I don't feel right reviewing this trail as this is the only trail I have rode in Colorado and for my standers from NC this trail is great but a colorado resident will tell you differently but I had a good time.

Granny Gear

July 12, 2013
rxp_rider Granny Gear  
Review: Typical vail trail conditions, tons of tourists dragging their brakes and leaving all trails brake rutted in corners, straights everywhere...riding on washboard. DH trails are not maintained, I've seen the trash get worse every week, trails not patrolled watch out for tourist hikers w/unleashed dogs who can't read the signs or symbols. Wasted my money on a season pass, do yourself a favor and ride keystone, trestle, or Evo at CB for resorts that care about mountain bikers experience and personal safety.

Radio flyer- fun early season before its a complete rutted washboard/sandpit corners

Pmt & Magic forest- black diamond means unmaintained, few "jumps" if you can call them jumps, gopro video played at eagle bahn gondola features sections of these trails and 94 DH that no longer exist.

Bigs mamba is ok in the lower half, be prepared for the worst brake bumps and slow riders that don't pull off.

Be happy, ride your bike elsewhere. Vail just wants your $$$

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August 22, 2012
Review: Vail's lift service seems to get a little bit better every year with MORE TO COME!!!! Grand Traverse still has all the appeal it did the first time I rode it, with the Cougar Ridge descent making it all worth the effort!! Radio Flyer and Big Mamba are a testament to the hard work of the Vail Trails Crew!!

Similar Trail: Two Elk, Cougar Ridge, North Trail, Buffehr Creek, Son of Middle Creek, Game Creek Trail ... you get the point


July 24, 2011
DanK_NoCo Doubletrack  
Review: Rode some of the roads with the kids - snoozer.
Grand Traverse is a singletrack easy enough for my kids. They enjoyed it, and the scenery was fantastic.
Rode parts of PMT and Old Nine Line, which are rated as black, and have lots of warning signs as you drop in. They were challenging, but were not hard enough to warrant the warnings.
Rode Hank's Hideaway, which was a total blast. It's a narrow dirt trail that winds thru a great aspen grove with 5-6ft tall undergrowth right up to the edge of the trail. The rest of my rating is based on this trail.

* Review edited 7/23/2011


July 19, 2010
Review: Good lift-serviced XC, lots of construction going on so the closures/re-routing is a bit of a bummer!! Grand Traverse is closed @ the final approach to PHQ because of new Chair 5 (says on summer trail map, but no signs till at closure). Two great XC singletracks (Hank's and Fred's) going down to the base area.

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Vail Mountain Bike Park MTB Trail 3.67 out of 5 based on 15 ratings. 15 user reviews.
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