The Powerlines

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Once on the trail, go straight. You will reach an open meadow that makes for a screaming downhill - perfect place to tune your suspension. At the bottom fo the first decent, there is a nice open climb to the top of another decent. At the end of the second decent, turn right into the woods. At the "T," go to the right. Follow the trail. There's some really good singletrack in the woods, just look around for it.
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Trail Features
Trail features
  • Lift Service
  • Drinking Water
  •   Night Riding
  • Pump Track
  • Restrooms
  • Winter Fat Biking
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Granny Gear

June 24, 2015
Review: Is this trail still open? I'd like to check it out but I don't want to run afoul of the property owners.


June 23, 2014
jbond352 Gramcounter  
Review: This is one of the coolest trails in Gainesville. Whenever I want to go drink and ride, this is the trail for me. Coors, bud, miller... this trail is totes beer-ride-able!

Granny Gear

December 18, 2012
Review: RUDE RUDE RUDE! AND Trespassing to boot! Guys in lime green and black who ran up on me and my friend while we were riding HORSES today on MY daddy's property...SHAME ON YOU! I was on OUR family land. you should have YIELDED to me and my horses you assholes! You were WRONG WRONG WRONG, and trust this, "old man fletcher" knows what happened, "bubba" knows what happend, and I know what you look like. You better pray that none of us catch your presumptuious self out there again, because i WILL call the law, and you WILL go to JAIL. you're an ASS and now all your riding buddies will pay for your RUDENESS, your WRONGNESS, your crappy ATTITUDE toward the land owners! YOU make a bad name for all the other bike riders.

PS for everyone who rides back there.


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Granny Gear

December 18, 2012
Review: the signs get torn down all the time. NONE of that land back there is public land. It is ALL private property. you riders have thrown trash all over the place and act like you have the right to ride back there, when you don't. I had a run in with a rider today, a smart mouth SOB who told me I was trespassing on MY OWN family land! He is and idiot and now all of you are subject to my anger!


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Granny Gear

August 29, 2012
Review: So I have never ridden this trail but I am curious as to what portion of this trail is private property and what is not, are the no trespassing signs at the owners property lines or just in general around all parts of the trail? The area going to the quarry is that also private property or ?

* Review edited 8/29/2012


Granny Gear

December 18, 2012
Review: thank you for your post. sounds like you have respect for the fletchers, and other landowners, and i appreciate your comment.

Similar Trail: Yield to the horses. YOU are trespassing!


November 2, 2011
Bonsai-CP Trailblazer  
Review: This is private property and there is "No Trespassing" signs up, but they are being taken down by disrespectful individuals, kids & adults alike.
You will be "Trespassed" if caught out there, though i doubt that would stop any of you. I have personally met with the landowner over this issue. At least you could clean after yourself. This unethical behavior just makes me sick, even as a fellow MTBR.


March 14, 2011
theUfan Epic  
Review: I have never seen any no trespassing signs out there and i frequently pass other riders and people working out there and no one ever tells me to leave. The trail is great out there and there are a good amount of miles to be had. Trail is easy to follow and really good singletrack.

Granny Gear

September 15, 2010
Review: i get so sick of seeing you people ride in and out of this family property. several times i have been riding my horses and you come zooming through spooking!! us. please note that you do not have permission to be back there and i call "the old man" to sick him on ya. You should be donating $7 per rider in my opinion, and you should NOT throw out your water bottles. How about a little respect for the family who pays the taxes on this property. I see you everyday! can you not read the NO TRESPASSING signs put up by the owner? duh...* Review edited 9/15/2010

* Review edited 9/15/2010


June 12, 2010
gpartain Poseur  
Review: Got to ride most of the trail yesterday. There is a large loop that we we accesed from the neighborhood acroos from the rock. The entrance is at the end of NW 12th Dr. We went in and went left got a good 8 mile loop out of it. It is in good shape on that end and looks like someone has worked on it recently. Great ride if you are doing the rock and need some extra miles.

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Granny Gear

April 19, 2010
Review: Hey GALAXY
I run out there a lot and wish I could run on the single track but ever since I ran across a rattlesnake (or whatever kind of poisinous snake it was), I've just been sticking to the main powerline roads. Never ran across Fletcher (owner) but I do run by the GRU guys frequently and they don't seem to care.

And I think I should add that if you're going to the quarry to watch out for the people that live in the surrounding area...came across a guy with a tractor out there and had to turn around.

And the cave is sweet but it's extremely narrow but I've explored it and it does open up about 15-20ft back and to the right.

* Review edited 4/19/2010

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April 18, 2010
GALAXY Gramcounter  
Review: I went out there again today and hit the trail that runs parallel to the main powerline road and it was just awesome.Very well ridden trail and the flowing downhill singletrack is just great to lose yourself in and get into the flow.

The area is mostly owned by G.R.U. and they provide the no trespassing signs on the powerline road so what I do is stay in the woods and I've had no problem.Bubba can't chase you down if he never sees a cat.

To get to the quarry,go down the main powerline road from 23rd,when it goes left at the bottom of the hill,follow it and keep an eye out on your right for a trail that drops off the road into the brush and follow it,just keep going.It will look like you're headed off to nowhere but will eventually put you out at a fence line,go left to the end of the fence and be careful,it's a long way down!

There is a good amount of trail in the woods and if everyone can manage to be low key about it and stay in the woods,we won't have a crackdown on it like in the past...just be smart.

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