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This trail system is locally known as The Quarry. Usual entry is parking at the Virginia Outdoor Center. There is a lot and a new pedestrian bridge that takes you to the canal path. A map and trail information are posted on a bulliten board at the entry. Follow the canal path to the scout trail. A bridge is out so either carefully go through the creek to the left or dismount and walk across. This will take you to a large graveled circle area. The gravel road left takes you to Sunshine Park, some baseball fields. If needed, there is a water faluntain and a porta john. If you go right, the gravel road will take you to the quarry. If you go left just a few feet, you will see a trail entry on your right. It is a quick pop up hill and quickly makes a Y. This is entry to Naysayer, the left, or Monolith, the right. Go left and Naysayer is a climb, with difficult rock and root elements, a few log crossings and tight turns. A difficult trail so recommended for riders with some experience but a really great, classic single track. You end Naysayer at a T in the trails, you will see that if you continue up the hill, you will ride the second half of Monolith trail. Monolith is also a difficult because it is gnarly climbing with lots of roots. At the end of Monolith, you will come to a four way with a wooden arrow pointing left. Straight is Fall Quarry, which will take you back to the gravel road you came in on. Go right, a sharp right up the rocky, rooty hill and you will ride Dishwasher. This is another great, but short tight, hilly trail with three really tiht down hills at the end. At the bottom of the trails after the three turns, you will see a creek in front of you. This is Fall Quarry again and it is the beginning, which takes you out to the gravel road. So go quick left and travel through Fall Quarry. This is a slightly less technical trail than the earlier trails, it will lead you back to the four way arrow, this time, go straight. Cross a creek and head through more tight rooty trails until you get to a tunnel. Cross the creek and go through the tunnel. It goes under interstate 95. Out of the tunnel, stay left and ride up and across the two log crossings. This takes you through Epiphany trail. Two creek crossings and an old tent makes this an interesting trail. After the second creek crossing continue through several logs that attempt to keep your bike from getting swampy. You will see a fire road straight and single track to the right, head right and climb, climb, and climb more through Pins and Needles. This is a short, but tight and rooty trail that will take you to the ER bulliten board on a fire road. You can see this part of the trail, and the bulliten from 95. Take the gravel downhill into the Ridgeline. This is a more intermediate trail and about four miles long. Great poppy hills, a couple nice downhills sections and again more roots. Cross the first fireroad to get the extra trail miles and it will dump You onto another fireroad. You can take this road straight down, back to the river, or go about fifty yards and make a sharp left and cross the creek to ride Owl Loop. This trail is more difficult than the ridgeline but well worth it as the final downhill is really fun. This willloop back around and take you back to the river. Once at the river, you will see a Y. Take the right to ride Gratitude. Stay straight if you just want to stay low and ride out. Gratitude is again, very tight and very rooty, but fun and will take you to a creek crossing, go tight left around a very large tree and it will loop back to the flat river trail. The river trail is very flat and will take you back to the road with the Quarry. If you still want to ride, go left or right, up a pool pass. Or take the gravel road back to the gravely circled road and you will see the trail to the left that will take you back to your car. Enjoy your ride.
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Trail features
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March 18, 2019
faust41 Gnarly  
Review: Update: There is a new trail head at Sunshine baseball park. There is construction on the 95 bridge so an easier way to park and ride is at the ball fields. nice newly graveled entry. 1/8 of a mile and it will take you to the top of the Monolith trails. Check out the maps at fredtrails.org more more information.

Granny Gear

October 20, 2017
Troymx576 Granny Gear  
Review: Amazing trail network that challenges you throughout.


September 24, 2017
faust41 Gnarly  
Review: Update. The trails have had new maintenance days. Come out and ride the improved Quarry Pool Pass trail on the west side of the quarry. The entrance has moved to the right about 30 feet, the trails widened and derooted, and retaining walls constructed to hold integrity of trails. Go to the bottom and make a right and play in a new rock garden. On other trails, trees are cut and cleared, weed wacked so trails are bit wider, and a reroute on epiphany so you are not riding theough a swampy mess.

Granny Gear

May 1, 2017
KRandels Granny Gear  
Review: I'm a local in the area and ride these trails at least a few times a week if I have time. I would definitely consider these XC trails. Lots of very steep trails and are all very technical in my opinion. I have a hardtail but I imagine that a full suspension bike is probably want you'd want on this trails. If you're planning your first trip to the Quarry be prepared for steep technical climbs and fast decents. I recommend Ridgeline and Naysayer trails.

Granny Gear

October 15, 2015
DirtRyder Granny Gear  
Review: AKA the Fredericksburg Quarry. Bottom line up front: Lot's of potential, but most of it not realized. Okay, so the bottom line is probably a bit harsh. However, it's an accurate representation of how I felt after the ride.

Let me start with the good. There's some really beautiful scenery here. The water in the quarry was clear and reflected the sky in an amazing way. Additionally, the river view was worth the visit by itself. As for the ride... The lower section of the trail is good single track and you can maintain some reasonable speed and flow through most it. There are several small wooden bridges to ride over and most were in good repair.

On to the not so good. The trail begins with you having to carry your bike over some rocks to get around the fallen bridge. After a short ride, you try to head up the trail only to find several fairly steep climbs that are littered with tree roots. Add some damp leaves and I found it manageable, but pretty frustrating. Additionally, the trail was confusing. There were places were it simply disappeared, intersections that crossed back to the trail for no reason, and almost no signs or trail markings. The one sign I found near the advanced trails was leaning over and barely held up by a pile of rocks stacked around it. Who knows if it was pointing in the intended direction or not. If not for the map on my phone, I would have missed half the trails I rode. Even then, I still feel like a missed a bunch (never found the rock garden that I read about). I ended up riding down a fairly technical descent (more like a rock filled trench) to get back to the bottom. Okay, that part was fun and put me out on what appeared to be a trail, but who really knows if I was even on the trail at that point. Additionally, the upper trails were riddled with downed trees (dozens...yes, really), erosion ruts, another broken bridge, etc. Although I tried, there was limited flow to be had.

With some TLC (AKA a chain saw), bridge repairs, some trail design changes, and basic trail markings this place could be amazing! There's plenty of space, good climbs/descents, lot's of rocks to build cool features, etc. So much potential. Wish I lived near by...I'd like to be part of the group that transforms this place into something special. So...it's worth the ride, but be prepared for frustration mixed with sporadic awesomeness.

Similar Trail: Schaeffer Farms (after a tornado)

Bunny Hop

May 24, 2015
scott12j Bunny Hop  
Review: I had a great time riding this trail system. The trails were very well designed and groomed. Lots of twisty tight single track and some good descents and climbs as well. I'll come back for sure.


April 5, 2015
rpmarheine Gnarly  
Review: The good. It's here, it's singletrack, and there are a few fun technical sections. The bad. This place wrote the book on unsustainable trail design. Lots of fall line trail, which could be fun, but mostly dump you into off camber corners or pointless creek crossings. All that hard earned effort is scrubbed off on the brakes. There is decent elevation here but it simply isn't used properly. I saw many places that, with some trail realignment, could be both much more fun and sustainable. If your a cross country rider looking to improve your climbing this would not be a bad place. One last thing. Get a map, there are no trail markings and its a bit of a spiderweb of a trail system.

Bunny Hop

February 25, 2015
Review: Great trail system with a lot of variety. From scenic, flowing trails with minimum obstacles along the river to short but challenging downhill sections, this trail has something for everyone. It was a great place to learn the sport and it was my first trail.


January 6, 2015
Review: AKA "The Quarry" - Nice trail system with a wide variety of trails and scenery (the quarry and river.)


September 18, 2014
Review: This was the first trail I've ridden in Virginia and I have to say it was pretty impressive. Plenty of skill levels and different challenges for all skill levels. Trail is maintained well by FATMUG and FAMBE.

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Rappahanock River Trail MTB Trail 4.00 out of 5 based on 22 ratings. 22 user reviews.
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