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Follow the driveway back to the Reith center, park & ride your bike through the grass past the south side of the center to the tree line where you will find the begining of the trail. At the trail head you only go about 8 feet before you make a sharp left & are on a ridge with a drop off to your right. Follow the trail through until you reach a small paved road. Go left & follow this road for 35-40 yards where you will see a stone path leading up the hillside to your right, go up the stone path & turn right on the millrace trail. Follow this trail (roughly 200 yards) until you see a stone path & foot bridge leading down into the woods on your right, it is easy to miss if you are not watching for it. Continue on following this trail until you reach the Millrace trail & Dam where you can take a breather then follow the trail in reverse back through to the trail head. This single track trail has some very dedicated mtb'ers that are committed to upkeep & trail improvements. There are a handfull of log hops, one drop off at the end of the foot bridge (can be walked) a couple very challenging hills, a root garden section & a small rock obsticle. In all I would consider the trail a very nice beginer course with enough challenging parts to be fun for a more advanced rider as well.
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Trail Features
Trail features
  • Lift Service
  • Drinking Water
  •   Night Riding
  • Pump Track
  • Restrooms
  • Winter Fat Biking
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Trail Check-ins
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Granny Gear

May 16, 2018
weaver1776 Granny Gear  
Review: This trail system is a bit unique. You certainly have to use some common sense while navigating the trails. There is a flat hiking portion with numerous cut-offs that in some manner do connect. (I have yet to be able to mark or map this) In comparison to other local trails, I DO like this better than Run Village in South Bend. This trail has many areas that are plenty difficult for the average rider, and enjoyable at that. I have 2.35" tires and blasted through the swampy portions with ease. I greatly enjoy my time here as a local evening location. The trails are easy to find, there is a park and nature center in the general area where you park, if you can't find it, I suggest you don't ride through a trail where you'll get even more lost. Watch for Poison Ivy...

Similar Trail: Rum Village

Granny Gear

July 6, 2017
Stu987 Granny Gear  
Review: Trails were nice , but could be marked better. You can find yourself running deer paths. They are fun, except for the nettles against your legs. There were a lot of muddy areas that couldn't be used.
As I dropped off the gravel path, onto the foot bridge and dropping off the bridge, I buried the front tire in the mud, abruptly stopping.
Overall. A fun hour.


January 19, 2017
Review: I tried to post a review on the app, but it somehow logged me out. So if this is a repeat, I apologize.

Based on the reviews and recent rains I was not sure I should bother. But since it was only 2 miles from the hotel, I had my fatbike with me and hotel treadmills are the worst, I figured I would roll the dice. I was fully prepared to find a wet unusable trail and turn around, fortunately I didn't have to.This review is based on one side of the river, because I was not interested in trying to cross when there were ice floes. Cold, wet feet plus cold weather= not fun.

The trail could be ridden (responsibly, respect to the trail steward) on my fat bike. I walked my bike on one mud hole. 99% of the trail on the parking lot side of the river was good. My bike had only a few wet leaves kicked up on it at the end of a few miles. It has clearly been maintained. No trees across the trail, recent fallen trees cut out and the weeds seemed to be trimmed back. The leaves and pine needles covered the trail which probably helped protect it from the rain a little.

It was the flattest trail I've ever ridden, bar none. About as close as one can get to water-in-a-pan flat and still be solid earth. It is a typical urban park, with the trail winding the miles through a tight space. If you find either of those things terrible, don't go to Goshen. If you are here, or passing through, it is a fast ride that is way more fun than the hotel treadmill. Bonnieville Mills and Winona Lake are more challenging, but the soil is not as forgiving of wet weather. I doubt those would be (responsibly) rideable today.

It was not crowded, I suspect because it was a gray, cold day. I also expect it would be crowded during nice weather because it is tucked in a neighborhood.

In summary, it is Good by me. I am grateful to the folks who put some work into it, giving a work-traveler like me something to do.

Similar Trail: None, this is very flat

December 28, 2015
Review: I can't find this trail! The directions in the trail description needs updated and some simple signage would go a long way. While I found myself walking on what I think was the singletrack, it was hard to determine being intermingled with the walking and nature paths. Does anyone int he Goshen area have any input? Being one of the few trails in the area I would love to take advantage of it when i'm in town.


January 24, 2014
Review: Unless something miraculous occurs, I'm guessing this trail will likely stay only (partly open in a best case scenario) in the future due to the recent birth of the new Bonneyville mtb trail which is way better and only 8 miles away. The last time I rode it (Fall 13'), only one section (the first set of pines) was clear enough to ride. Other than that in my current opinion, you will in most cases be better off if you plan mainly on riding the cross country trails that pass through the area in conjunction with the millrace trail instead of hoping to ride the mtb trail by it's self as most of it will likely be overgrown & or wet. I think local riders for the most part have now obviously adopted Bonneyville as the home town mtb trail & that's understandable as it has much more going in it's favor. One big thing is it is not prone to flooding every spring like the Goshen trail.

September 27, 2013
Review: Currently the trail has alot of overgrowth and some sections are pretty much not able to be ridden because of that. If you attempt to ride it in its present condition be ready for the stinging nettles

Bunny Hop

June 11, 2013
wolf59a Bunny Hop  
Review: Rode it while travelling through Indiana. Nice beginners' trail, pleasant smooth riding with a few interesting twists. Signage would really help avoid mistakenly riding on the footpaths


May 7, 2012
treky92 Gnarly  
Review: This trail is not worth your time. It is basically a dirt path through the woods with a lot of foot traffic and nothing that seems challenging at all. There was also a lot of the trail in disrepair


May 7, 2012
treky92 Gnarly  
Review: This is not worth your time. There are more hikers and other traffic and the trails are not truly singletrack, but more of dirt paths through the woods.

Granny Gear

July 25, 2011
Review: i wasn't very impressed with this trail. With trails like Winona Lake and Potato Creek only 20-30 mins away, I will not be returning. The trails were very easy, I don't have a problem with that. I live to go fast and take tight corners as much as the next guy. But I don't like is trails in disrepair. There were constantly downed branches and overgrowth so thick it was confusing to find the trail.

Goshen MTB Trail 2.70 out of 5 based on 11 ratings. 11 user reviews.
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