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Fox Mill District Park has a network of trails that has something for everyone. With several technical ascents/descents and a few switchbacks even the heartiest of mountain bikers will find some challenges at this small park. Despite the small footprint of this park, by the time you have traversed all of the loops and connecting trails you will have ridden approximately four miles. The park is located in Reston, VA between Fox Mill Road and Lawyers Road.
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Trail features
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Granny Gear

July 25, 2014
Joseph7 Granny Gear  
Review: The trail in its prime, from what I can tell, was beginner singletrail. You can see this aspect in the first 100 yards or so of the trail, but then the quality drops off. The trail obviously hasn't been maintained in quite a long time and presents many obstacles in the trail including fallen down trees, plants, etc. Even the small wood bridge crossings have deteriorated to maybe if you're lucky one plank. Overall it would be a great fun little trail if it had some work done to it but until then don't waste your time

Granny Gear

May 31, 2014
Review: Great beginner trail. Me and a friend were riding a local hiking trail in Brambleton and decided to move onto something bigger and better and this trail was just what we are looking for. Great downhills and some challenging uphill parts. A lot to explore and the creek that you eventually get too is amazing. great location and great to explore for a beginner even intermediate.


May 29, 2013
dlutes Poseur  
Review: Great single track trail that loop around with no order. Although the trail is well maintained there are sections that just end without warning. Some good technical stuff here and there with creek crossings (go to the bottom part of the trail to see it) and log jumps and log tunnels scattered throughout. You might spend a half day here if you where creative.


October 13, 2008
John Fisch Epic  
Review: There was some surprisingly entertaining singletrack here. There are at least two spots that will test most nerves on short but techncial descents and there are a couple very high logs to cross--they have employed smaller logs to help ramp up and over, so it's all ridable. The problem here is that the trail appears to have been designed by a committee of folks who never talked to each other. While some segments are great, they are all jumbled together, making it hard to get in a good loop. Even with some backtracking, it would be hard to spend more than an hour here without getting bored of the repeitition. Still a good spot for a quick ride as the singletrack is attractive and very quiet, unlike Accotink/Wakefield.

Similar Trail: Fountainhead

Granny Gear

August 4, 2008
jmespina Granny Gear  
Review: This is my first off road excursion since I bought my bike. I have to try this trail since it is just 2 miles from where I live. I was quite disappointed to find that the trail is barely discernible. Iridethedirt has accurately described this trail. Lots of roots + thick undergrowth= 1 extremely slow difficult ride (for a noob). Four months after his review the trail remains the same or maybe even worse. It does bring back memories of childhood of the rainforests in the Philippines. Toss in a few pythons and some monitor lizards and it'll feel like home. :D These things being said, the trail does look promising, I may try it again but I will be doing this earlier in the day next time.

* Review edited 8/3/2008


April 27, 2008
Review: I was not overly impressed with this trail. it gave me a good workout due to the fact that its FULL of technical riding, for me at least, this made the trail pretty slow and just not that fun. There are TONS AND TONS of roots, varying elevations with no long uphills and no long downhills, but a few short but fairly steep TECHNICAL climbs and one option for a very technical very rocky decent (near the larger creek crossing) . lots of fallen trees across the trail, a few of which make for a very challenging obstacle. the trail seems to be ridden VERY rarely, and is pretty overgrown. it was mentioned in another review that its a network of trails and is confusing... this is true, i nearly got lost and rode in a circle a couple times. bottom line: if you're looking for challenging, technical singletrack with some climbs to test your technical climbing skills, this is a good trail for you. it is rarely used and gives a very backwoods type of bushwacking feel due to the overgrown nature of the trail. however, if you want a fun, faster ride with a lot less technical riding, i would check out colvin run, just a few miles away in reston.

Similar Trail: fountain head (better)


February 20, 2008
Review: I thought this trail had, what seemed to be, a lot of potential. When I went it was cold and it was getting dark. However, there were creek crossing, rocky downhills and some very steep ascents. I also spotted some jumps that were either just being built or needing a facelift before jumping them. This trail is a network. It is confusing regardless of whether or not you have the map. Just make sure you have enough time to explore for the first few rides. There was nothing that was that special about the trail, it just seemed like a fun area to create different loops. There also seems to be at least some potential for freeriding, with big rocks and some jumps. I will definitely be going back when I have more time to explore the network.

Similar Trail: Wakefield

Granny Gear

August 1, 2007
sirzooass Granny Gear  
Review: I had fun roaming this random network of trails today, but what this park needs is a more cohesive trail route. There is some nice terrain here, so if the park ever falls under MOREs wings I bet some really nice trails could result. In the meantime, I bet someone could plot out the best route, stick some posts with directional arrows in the ground like the ones at Wakefield, and it would make it a more enjoyable ride. You can download a map off the park's new web page at (it's now Fred Crabtree Park), but the intersections are plentiful so unless you plan on pulling your map out quite often you're better off just roaming until you get lost and then using it when you need to. If you continue off the top of their map (To Glade Stream Trail) you will wind up near Marker 22 of that trail network. If you are riding the Glades and want to connect to Fred Crabtree just look for the trail next to the green utility boxes near that marker.


December 12, 2004
Review: This ride was boring however it maybe a good ride at night. The trail was fast singlestrack, not very technical and short. To get any type of workout you need to do at least two laps maybe even three.

Fox Mill District Park MTB Trail 2.78 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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