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Address 5585 Hwy 11 E
Piney Flats, Tennessee
Phone 423-538-9005
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wanderingpops on June 12, 2008
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Review: Great selection of bikes and fitness equipment. EXCELLENT customer service. Fast, reliable repairs. Reasonable prices and convenient hours. I've bought two bikes, 2008 Scott Aspect 50 for my wife and a 2008 Scott Scale 50 for myself, here and have been very pleased.
Loweredharbor66 on January 7, 2018
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Review: No longer in buisness
n2storms on May 24, 2014
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Review: Bought my bike on a Monday and was told it would be in by Friday however when I called the next Monday it wasn't in but again promised in would be there by Wednesday to shorten the story it took 2 and half weeks for my bike to arrive and promised 3 different dates by this shop. The owner blamed Giant for the delay which just seemed like another lie to me and shows weak character in my opinion. The delay wasn't really an issue for me since I have several bikes but how can you trust a shop that lies multiple times before even receiving the bike. Your experience may be different of course and I've heard some say good things but I will spend my money elsewhere.


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