Reno Bike Project

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Address 541 E. 4th Street
Reno, Nevada
Phone 775-323-4488
Rental Info The organization is built around the belief that the bicycle is the world's greatest, most utilized mode of transportation and that every individual, regardless of age, gender, race, or class has a right to afford, maintain, and enjoy one.

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Kristopher on February 25, 2017
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Review: Best resource in Reno for every level of rider. The Bike Project is the most valuable bike shop in Reno, providing a resource for those with a low budget. In addition, they are committed to spreading the cycling culture and heavily involved in the community. I volunteered there for two years and was then accepted as an intern through their Future Cycles program, where I have been given the skills not only move forward as a mechanic, but also general skills I can utilize in any line of work. Whether you are just entering the cycling world, a commuter, or a skilled rider, The Reno Bike Project offers a unique opportunity that is not found in other shops in the area, which is the option to be taught how to fix your bike, in addition to being a full service bike shop. If you are a cyclist in the area, or are ever in the area, The Reno Bike Project is a must to visit.