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3.00 out of 5
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Address 1003 west patrick st.
Frederick, Maryland
Phone 3016988900
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Mike George on April 9, 2014
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Review: This place is closed
jamisbiker on September 17, 2007
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Review: The employees are very nice and helpful. I went in there not really knowing much about mountain biking or what I wanted to do with one, but I knew that it was great exercise. One of the guys there was telling me a story about what he had done the summer before on a hard tail and I thought to my self, “That is what I want to do.” And I have been doing it for the last year and a half now and it is the greatest experience ever. They helped me to pick out my bike and gave me advice on how to ride it and where I should go and now it is my life. I love how they have a lifetime free tune-ups on all of the bikes that they sell and that they have a five year warranty on the frames if I were to happen to break it. I spent exactly what I expected to pay, but what I paid for was priceless.
Under the Sun Sports 3.00 out of 5 based on 2 ratings. 2 user reviews.