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Address 3258 Bethany Ln
Ellicott City, Maryland
Phone 410-461-7878
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sehenderson on August 11, 2008
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Review: Race Pace is a good all around bike shop. They have always taken the time to help me with repairs & usually no charge for minor adjustments. I like their staff, who are very knowledgeable hard core cyclists, and very active in their favorite disciplines. Usually it's the staff that makes a bike shop good or bad. In this case, the staff is what keeps me coming back. They also have a few different locations around the area to choose from for convenience (Columbia, Ellicott City, Owings Mills, Westminster). Although, I prefer the staff in Ellicott City. They have plenty of brands to choose from & can order many other brands that they may not have in-house. As far as I can tell their prices are fair. I have bought a few bikes there for my family & they even take trade-ins on well maintained kids bikes. I keep coming back for the personal attention and service. http://racepacebicycles.com/
08RYDMtb on March 28, 2016
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Review: Awesome Bike Shop, Great help knowledgeable crew, Expert mechanics.
mikeisgo on December 7, 2015
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Review: Great service department, and everybody who works there really knows cycling and is passionate about it from my experiences.
Outdoors92 on June 28, 2015
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Review: I've been to a few bike shops around the state and the Race Pace in Ellicott City is my favorite. Although they may not have the largest selection of mountain bikes as some other shops or even Race Pace locations, the staff here are first class and everything a person will need can be found here. Definitely worth the time and money spent.


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