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Address 1226 N Roselle rd
Schaumburg, Illinois
Phone 847 882 7728
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Mtbert on May 17, 2014
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Review: Dropped off the bike for a simple drive train setup and BB issue. These guys did what was expected and then some, for the original price they quoted. The BB issue was nothing, just required tightening. They also took it apart and cleaned it out, no charge. They could have easily told me it was busted, given I gave them the okay on replacing it if needed. Honesty goes a long way. In addition they took the time to clean the front and back derailleur meticulously. I'm still trying to figure out if they replaced it, although I doubt it. In the end they did a thorough and careful job and didn't play any games. After dealing with a shop that was the polar opposite, this was a great experience. The guy I dealt with picking up my bike new exactly what they did and he didn't even work on it. There was a good deal of organization and professionalism.