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3.00 out of 5
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Address 221 Rope Mill Parkway, Suite 2
Woodstock, Georgia
Phone 678-445-0711
Rental Info MTB Tandems has high end tandems for off road use and they will let you try before you buy.

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marsh on July 19, 2014
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Review: We wanted a high end tandem 29er MTB for a few years and spoke with Alex several times about it. We discussed wheels, drive trains, Rohloff transmissions, brakes, and frames. He has a custom frame he's selling called "Fandango." It's commissioned from Ventana and he has an exclusive deal with them. It's the only serious hard tail 29er out there as far as I know. Canondale has one, but it's no mountain bike.
For around $4000 you can get a top quality build with high end, TANDEM RATED parts. The bike is not too heavy and it handles like a dream. We rode it in the duPont forest of North Carolina and even got some air on it. It took a really long time for the bike to be delivered, but it is top notch through and through. we look forward to meny miles of off road riding on it.