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3.00 out of 5
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Address 351 N Orlando Ave
Winter Park, Florida
Phone 321-214-0433
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gatorfireman on June 3, 2014
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Review: Proformance just opened up in the area and I was warned that it was the Walmart of bike shops. However, the first time in I like the staff and the prices are great. While the bicycle brands are a little lacking the accessories and everything else are top notch with great pricing. However, I was not really impressed with the service. While they can talk the talk. They need a little help walking the walk I don't know if I would have them work on my bike ever again.
Matthotchkiss on January 7, 2019
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Review: It's a good shop if you know what you want. Everyone was nice but I shouldn't know more about the bike than the guy I'm buying it from. It was a convenient stop because of the location and I got a great deal on a bike for the wife because they are going out of business. (All performance bikes locations in Florida are closing.). This location will be officially closed Jan 26, 2019)