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3.00 out of 5
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Address 105 Waymont Ct
Lake Mary, Florida
Phone (407) 324-5566
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gearheadiii on May 15, 2014
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Review: Always Very Friendly, Family Owned, With Great Advice And Willing To Work With You. Most Replacement Parts Are Special Order...
RightRound on April 19, 2008
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Review: Nice bike, but the customer service was rank all the way through. When you're told the bike will be ready in 7-10 working days, anything before 7 is fantastic, anything between 7 and 10 is promise kept and anything after that you start thinking "discount." Ten working days came and went, no call, no bike. Not even a courtesy call to let us know it was coming in late. We had to call and remind the staff that we purchased a bike there and would like to know where it is. Wouldn't you know, it would "probably" be in "tomorrow." Yah. Tomorrow comes and goes, no call. We call again, "where's the bike." "Oh...." is the response, it came in but it's not put together..." Why not? "Well, I have a lot of repairs to do," was the reason we were given. We had to practically demand that the bike be put together as it was already way past the time we were promised. Next day we finally get a call that the bike is ready. When we go to pick it up, there is a lady sitting behind the counter. "Hello, we received a call that our new bike is ready for pickup," we say. The woman makes a sort of facial expression like she just pinched one, goes in the back and gets somebody else to get the bike for us. And not even so much as a "thanks, folks" from the person who rang us up. By far, this was the poorest and most bizarre customer service, if you can call it service, that I have encountered anywhere. Because of our experience here, we went elsewhere to make our bike accessory purchases and won't spend any more money at Lake Mary Cycles. I gave them a 2 only because it is a great bike and it looks like they put it together well.