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Address Route 44
Canton, Connecticut
Phone 860-693-8891
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Mowgli on November 19, 2017
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Review: An America's Best bike shop. Owners Doug and Jan met as avid cyclists. Their passion for cycling remains palpable after many years owning a shop and rising a family. Knowledgeable, honest, and full service shop open long hours 6 days a week that provides high quality repair service and no pressure sales. I've bought 1 road bike and 2 mountain bikes from them in the last 15 years and they always competitively priced with outstanding service and responsibility. They can be counted on for good advice, guiding you to the best decision for you ( as opposed to their max profit), bike fitting, bikes and accessories for all ages and budgets, or support local riders and community events, or to join you for a ride so they can get a break from the grueling responsibility of owning a low profit business.