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Brand: WTB
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  • Dagair002

    Great tire overall. Shame WTB is discontinuing it... I use this as a front tire on my all mountain hardtail setup with a 2.24 WTB Moto Raptor for the rear. The combination is a medium speed rolling combo, great grip. No slipping on any rocks or roots yet, even in muddy conditions.

    Really good grip in every condition I've used it in. This one does use WTB's DNA compound rubber which is a nice, tacky, semi-soft rubber (at least that's how I would describe it) and so far I have not had any issues with wear after half of a season's worth of use.

    none so far.

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  • dubinjs

    I didnt like this tire on my bike. It came on the bike when I bought it. It wore down the knobs noticeably after just 10 or so rides. i constantly got pnch flats on the back where this was set up and the bead wore down and tore after a few dates with my tire lever. I think it is discontinued anyway

    good traction on many differant trail conditions

    heavy. slow rolling. will not set up tubeless at all. wears down very fast

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  • Syd Patricio

    A good tire for those who find that they spend alot of time on rough and softer trails. If your terrain is rocky and rooted these are great...If the terrain is smooth rock and wet... not a great.

    Good tire for rough and tumble terrain. Has a stable feel to them as well as they grip very well in softer ground.

    On hard pack they vibrate a bit.

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