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  • abaresk

    I'm happy with them. Have just over 100 trail miles on them. I don't have experience with other plus sizes. Just fat and 2.3 ranges. Traction wise they feel closer to the skinny for me than the fat tires. Maybe sacrificing some traction for the fast roll but I love getting those strava PRs so no complaints.

    Happy with them as an all terrain, all around tire. Speed is not an issue.
    Someone else can explain the bike physics but I'm blown away with how much smoother my rides are. I put these on a Farley 3.75 fat bike and it's actually smoother than the fatty. (Sidewall?) Pleasant surprise.

    The pro riders probably have a term for this, 12 psi or lower and the rear under load (speed plus sitting on the seat on a hard corner) and they get bit squishy. Could just be the nature of a plus tire but I keep the psi a little higher and no issues.

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