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Brand: WTB
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  • MTB Crackfox

    If you are out on the trail these tires stick to the dirt like a fly on flypaper. I have never had an issue losing traction turning, corning, or an uphill climb on loose dirt. They are great for traction. They are slightly heavy and a slow roller, but I like to use them as trainers. Just like ankle weights. Train heavy and the lightweight MAXXIS ASPEN's will fly on Race Day

    Great Grip
    Great Price

    Loud on Pavement
    Heavy Rollers

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  • fleetwood

    I replaced my Velociraptors with these. I think even though I still had some tread left on the Velos, they were losing their "stickiness". I got a great deal on SAC and put these on less than a month ago. I've ridden three different trail systems and some private (and muddy!) land. These things held up well under all conditions. Unlike one of the previous reviews, I find them to have an acceptable amount of side knobbies for gripping in the turns, and haven't had any real problems yet. Recommended.

    keeps me glued to the trail

    nothing so far -- they might be a bit heavy, but I'm not too concerned about that.

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  • konacoiler

    These tires have great traction... while riding in a straight line! I liked mine for a while, then got tired of losing cornering traction and upgraded to Nevegals. that was the best part decision I've ever made.

    Great pedaling and braking traction. High volume tires help smooth out the ride.
    Good tread life.

    No side/cornering knobs.
    Under hard cornering the tires lose their grip and slide out. I ran mine rear only so only my rear tire skidded under hard cornering. A rear tire losing traction can be controlled but a front tire sliding out from under you and you're on your face.

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  • steve32300

    The WTB tires come in so many sizes and tread patterns there hard to ignore,the traction and performance is what really impressed me,and they look cool on my bike.I had a female rider tell me one day how good my tires looked and that confirms all the other people I caught looking at my bike that they thought the same thing.hahahahaha.I use em for trail and a little bit of downhill and they work great for me,I would recomend these tires to anyone for the same reason.

    I reallly love the way these tires feel for trail riding.They have soo much traction and will go anywhere.I can litterally feel the bite they have while I'm riding and they feel really stable while making offbalence turns,the front tire lets me know what's going on even when traction is lost.And I can get them is larger sizes like the 2.4's I'm running right now.

    The rear tire is wearing pretty fast,it looks so much more worn than the front tire.And I cant find them in the store anymore and have to order to get more of them.

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