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Brand: Vassago

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  • Dustin Gaddis

    This is just an update to my previous review. I've had the frame for a bout 2.5yrs now and I'm still loving it. I upgraded the tensioners to the 'JabberNutz' and they're much improved over the original stock weak screws.

    However, Vassago is no longer in business, which is sad. So you can't really buy a new one anymore.

    the ride, baby, the ride!

    No longer available.

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    • mack_turtle

      have not ridden the bike yet, but I wanted to point out that Vassago is back in business. I ordered a 16" Jabber earlier this week and should get it tomorrow.

  • Dustin Gaddis

    I've had my Jabberwocky for a few months now and really like it. Is it perfect? No. But I do think it's the best bang for your buck steel 29er frame.

    It does ride pretty smooth for a hardtail - I get the whole "steel is real" thing now. The WetCat geometry works well. I like the low bottom bracket and long top tube - you really do feel like you're riding "in" the bike, not on top. It corners like it's on rails. I came off a first gen Giant Anthem, which is reguarded as being a very 'twitchy' bike. I thought the Jabber might feel slow handling, but it never feels that way. I have no trouble in slow speed tight and twisty stuff and it's much more composed on fast downhills. I'm not crazy about the longish chainstays because they make lofting the front end a bit more difficult. It just takes some getting used to really, and the long chainstays contribute to the smooth riding feel.

    I have a medium frame built up rigid using a WB Rock Solid carbon fork and the bike weighs 22.83lbs.

    Bottom line: Very good frame for a great price.

    Good price
    Rides great
    Reasonable Weight

    Paint isn't great
    Stock tensioner screws don't work well

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