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Brand: Specialized

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  • Rassidan

    This is my first mountain bike I ever used on a trail and the bike handles great for a hardtail. I have taken it off of jumps and through some fairly sketchy terrain over my learning process and shy of bending my front rim the bike has held up through it all. It is still questionable whether the bike could use a better fork but I am not sure any fork wouldn't bottom out land flat off of a jump.

    Solid bike, takes a beating, love the way it feels.

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  • Angel K

    Highly recommended bike for beginners or if you're just starting and not sure whether you want to dump $500 plus towards a sport you may not like. Also recommended for pre-teen and early teenagers to start on, and can easily upgrade if they grow out of this bike.

    Nice grips. Great feeling of balance and maneuverability. Maybe it's just sized right to me, I'm 5'7" and 160lbs. Granted it's a hard tail, with a lower end fork, I feel like I can still ride this bike aggressively with a lot of confidence.

    Cheap pedals - I'm pretty sure its meant to change out for your own personalized pedals. Tires seem to like to slip out on sharp turns, maybe great if you're doing it on purpose... but not so great when I want grip and control. If I keep this bike, I'll likely purchase new tires for a nice upgrade.

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