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Brand: Specialized

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  • scout_about

    The FSRxc pro is a good starter bike for lighter riders. It had pretty good components and it's ride quality can compare to many others full-suspension rides out there. Though I quickly felt like a needed more. I am harder person to please maninly because of my size. I am 6'4'' and 240 lbs. I am in very good shape(all muscle), but a big guy. I decided to push the bike, which resulted in a front wheel taco. The breaks are aweful. They squealed constantly even after cleaning, sanding, replacing pads etc. I have lost all faith in Hayes because of how terribly designed this model was. My Tora fork essentially collapsed in on itself and my drive train wore out completely after one season. Some may try to argue that I must have not maintined it correctrly etc. for at least the drive train issue. I was very religious about maintaining my bike so I would disagree. After meeting with and talking to some sponsored riders, LBS staff, and other more experienced riders I was educated that it was not smart to have so little travel and such average componets for riding as hard and often as I did. I went and bought a Stumpy Comp 29 with 120mm Reba dual air adjustable fork and other good quality components. Since then I have had zero issues. I have ridden it hard for two seasons, done a few amateur races and have had to fix nothing on it. My only thought is that I wish I would have put my $1300 toward the $2300 I paid for the Stumpy Comp 29er instead of buying the FSRxc pro.

    Looks great and good seat.

    Not enought front or rear travel for bigger riders. The Tora fork on my 2008 model lacks relaiability and durability. Breaks are terrible! This is all in reference to the 2008 model, these issues may be fixed with the newer models.

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  • mfattah

    I fell in love with this bike this was my top soft tail choice when shopping around...great $$$, value and name

    good componets, fair $$$ for what quality/name you get, good power distrubtion, felt strudy for my big size

    not much as far as tech stuff/ i always feel color choices are slim

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  • adrock

    This is the perfect everyday ride. I ride this on advanced xc trails and it handles everything perfect. It's light and easy to control. I ride it on intense down hill and it has never given me a problem. It's amazing for the price.

    I don't get to ride it enough.

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