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Brand: Schwinn

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Rider questions

Q: cost
A: About $300

Q: I need a replacement for the front wheel quick release hub and skewer. What size do I need?

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  • mtb-rider1123

    Great bike for the price! It gets me where I need to go and is fantastic on the trails! Highly suggest trying out different tires and stems to change the character of the bike!

    Easy to maintain and easily upgradable.

    Rear sprocket does eventually wear out rather early (easy fix by upgrading to a better groupset, I just happen to have a spare that works well.) and it is not light, nor is it heavy.

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  • Jordan Ashbrook

    Great beginner bike! Got mine for $300 and was a great way to get me out on the trails for cheap in college!


    Not super heavy but not light either

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  • nopardaid

    So good for the price, had to replace the rear sprocket/freewheel ($30) after about 5 hours. Other than that this is a great bike. I upgraded to metal pedals for $23 dollars. Just go over everything and make sure it's all tight when you buy it, fine tune the dérailleurs and go have fun. My favorite part is passing people that are riding bikes 4-7 times more than mine!

    Well built frame, good quality adjustable fork, $300, 29inch

    rear freewheel wore out soon

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  • ****

    Only had mine for a few weeks but already has performed well on some intermediate technical trails. Disk brakes are great and gearing is good. Make sure you take a look at how it was assembled. For less than $300 you will not find a better bike equipped anywhere near the ascension

    All the items of a high end bike without the price

    Only available at a big box store which means it wasn't put together well

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