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Brand: Salsa

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  • SpareRow

    Tthe one I road had front suspension, and oh baby Jesus was it fun! I have to admit I was a bit of a skeptic about fat tires, especially for when there is no snow on the ground. The Mukluk has changed my opinion, it was a lot of fun, it was surprising fast, and those tires just give a slight floating sensation. If you are going over smaller roots and rocks or to drop downs and jumping over rollers. It's like you are not touching the ground it's like you are skimming it.

    fun, light, components


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  • santacruzr

    Mukluck (2015) - Small (15")
    True to its size. I am 5'-2" and find that it fits well. Awesome to ride. It's a perfect 2nd bike to my full suspension xc. I'm finding that tuning tire pressure is the key to really experiencing its full potential. I started with 15psi and have aired down to 8psi. Its great getting to adjust the air to your conditions. Its really a well versatile bike capable of so much while still being a pure and basic bike that can take a beating. Also there are many accessories available.

    Great components, well built frame and paint, good geometry. Fair price if bought on sale or at a discount.

    Pricey at retail cost.
    No complaint yet.

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  • Capfat

    I bought this bike used recently to replace an old hardtail and try the whole fat bike thing. I love it more than I anticipated. It just works great everywhere. Fun, fun, fun. It brings one back to why you started mtn biking!

    Solid, versatile frame. Good overall component spec. Great handling all a rounder.

    Stock tires/tubes are heavy.

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  • buzzbinmike

    I love it. Just a big bad ass bike!

    Nice big light weight frame. Mine is blue powder coated and I have beat the crap out of it but there are virtually no scratches.

    Vertical dropouts make single speed life difficult. I don't have the alternating dropouts either this model is from 2012.

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