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  • eaglehawk101

    I love this bike. I reviewed it six weeks ago, just after my first couple rides. I gave it a four out of five because of the tires. I've now swapped out the tires and the bike is near perfect. It climbs really, really well and soaks up roots and rocks on downhills. It's remarkably nimble for a fattie -- I can't wait for snow!

    - Bluto fork is fantastic
    - components are very solid; little to no upgrade needed
    - swapped out stock Snowshoes to Husker Du/Surly Nate combo for traction and ride, and it's a GREAT combo

    - stock 120tpi Vee Snowshoes are loved by some, but not me; self-steer when riding on smooth rock is very noticable

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  • eaglehawk101

    Fantastic ride -- this bike is a four-season blast! The only reason I gave it a four instead of a five is because of the way the sand sticks in the tires (my favourite trails are sand based).

    - well balanced and fun
    - Bluto front shock soaks up gnarled singletrack
    - quick and remarkably nimble
    - SLX/XT shifting
    - SRAM Guide four-piston stopping power
    - paint job (electric metallic blue with fluo yellow accents)
    - light tires on singlewall rims

    - chain rub on the tire when in the granny/lowest gear combo
    - Vee Snowshoes 120tpi tires are likely great on snow, but the silica that was added to keep snow from sticking to them actually seem to keep sand stuck to them

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