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Weight: 16600 grams
MSRP: $2,400
#198 out of 272 27.5/650b bikes
Brand: Norco
Norco Range A7.3 is a 160mm travel dual suspension aggressive mountain bike. The lightweight alloy frame is designed for enduro riding, perfect for mountain bikers that want to ride hard downhill, but still be able to charge up climbs too. 27.5 inch wheels have quickly gained popularity amongst mountain bikers as they offer an optimal balance of reduced rolling resistance that characterises 29ers and the agility and handling of smaller 26 incher wheels. Larger wheels are able to hit obstacles at a lesser angle than smaller wheel sizes, meaning reduced resistance and loss of momentum as the bike rolls over the obstacle and continues along the trail. There is also improved traction as the big wheels allow for more tyre tread in contact with the ground.

Norco Range A7.3 also features 'Gravity Tune' optimised mountain bike geometry, which ensures that weight is optimally distributed regardless of the size of the bike and rider. 'Gravity Tune' is a Norco designed system, where instead of only the front triangle getting bigger with each progression in size, the whole frame and wheel base get bigger proportionately. The key benefit of this is that the rider is centred on the bike for optimal weight distribution and handling, no matter what size bike you ride.

Overall the Norco Range A7.3 is a great value all mountain duallie for riders that want a high performance bike to handle any terrain.

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