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Rider questions

Q: What tires come on this bike?
A: Vee rubber Missions.

Q: Does it have tubes or does it have tubeless tires?
A: It comes with tubes

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  • BikerBill9

    I bought a 2015 Norco Bigfoot 6.1. All seemed great at first, but I wanted to change the rim strips from black to white. I could not get the QR loose on the front wheel. Two mechanics at my LBS couldn't either. They told me to take it back to where I got it. I had to go to the next town to buy the bike, as there wasn't a local Norco dealer. I took the bike back and they found that the dropout on the right side of the fork was misaligned, a manufacturing defect. After some time, the shop called with good news! A fork was being sent from Norco to replace the defective fork. Well, wasn't I surprised to see that the replacement fork was a different color, had a quarter-inch impact ding in the fork (actually into the carbon) and was also a used fork taken from someone's bike at Norco! It seems Norco has manufacturing, quality control and spare parts issues. All of this has taken about 8 weeks. Norco, clearly, could not deliver the bike that they sold to me! I received a full refund for the defective bike and have moved on. I wouldn't buy another Norco product, even if I felt lucky!

    Stand over clearance, gears, hydraulic brakes, standout looks, value.

    Tires, pedals, grips, manufacturing, quality assurance, lack of spare parts.

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  • twodragunns

    Was looking at the 9 Zero's and the KHS models, but decided on this one because of the wider tires (4.5) and the quality frame and components.

    Endless fun, year round, inexpensive with decent components Shimano (Deore) and performance given the 4.5 inch tire width. Very upgradable and light weight frame.

    The pedals are useless and were replaced with 45nrth Helva's.

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  • Fountainbikes

    Upgrade the tires and you will have an awesome entry fat bike.

    Great value. I can not believe how fun riding a fat bike could be before i got on one. It will take you just about anywhere with a smile on your face.

    The Vee Rubber Mission tires are not that great in snow conditions. Space inside frame triangle is very tight for water bottle.

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  • eaglehawk101

    Do not be afraid to buy this bike -- I haven't gotten the smile off my face since the day I bought it. I tested the more expensive Pugs, Pugs Ops and Charge Cooker Maxi, but ultimately bought the Bigfoot. It just felt better than the others and reminded me of why I love bikes in the first place -- it made me feel like a little kid again. Isn't that what cycling is all about? I've had it out in slush, crystal-type snow over frozen sand and 4-6" powder, plus drift hopping. The tires only slipped on ice patches, but that was to be expected. I may upgrade tires for winter, but I need to ride it more to truly get a feel for what's needed where I ride. Bottom line? This is a GREAT bike. I'd heard some online grumbling about it from traditional fat bike sellers and it almost convinced me it wasn't worth my time. I'm glad I didn't listen. I had a long chat with a fat rider who sells both Surly and Norco that set me on the right path. His 20 years of experience with all the component manufacturers convinced me the parts were flat out reliable and could withstand the pounding of a human who weighs 100 lbs more than me. No, it doesn't spec-out like a 9-zero-7 or a Beargrease, but it works for me. It fit me and my hard-to-fit body. The best bike is the one that fits right and makes you want to ride. This bike makes me want to go for a ride at minus-16 Celsius. Try it (if you can find one). I'm pretty sure you're going to love it.

    Great value -- left me with cash to accessorize and buy new winter clothing for biking.
    Solid, reliable components.
    Step-through frame great for the moments you step down (and sink) into snow.
    Hydraulic brakes makes it four-season friendly.
    Way, WAY better than old-school fat bike aficionados will tell you it is (don't listen; try for yourself).
    Lighter than expected (low 30s).
    Flat out fun!

    Braze-on on front of down tube (just a weird and useless spot).
    Small-size frame is tight if you want to use inside braze-on.
    Pedals suck (too narrow and not sealed); upgraded to 45nrth Heiruspecs.

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