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Brand: Motobecane

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Rider questions

Q: How much of the bike has to be assembled? The website says it comes 90-95% assembled. Is that accurate?
A: I bought a Gravity from Bikes Direct and all I had to do was put the handlebars on and put on the front wheel.. Other than that just fine tuning adjustments.

Q: how much does this weigh

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  • jonesja

    Excellent bike! Nice entry level components. Comparison shopping would place a similarly equipped bike in the $550-$700 range. Not hard to assemble, but needed a LBS to complete the FD alignment, adjustment, and indexing. I'm 6'2" and 245 lbs and purchased a 21" frame. The 19" probably would have provided a little more clearance from the cross bar; it's snug but definitely workable. Very happy with the purchase. Very happy with the quality.

    Quality entry level components
    Hydraulic disc brakes
    Altus FD
    SRAM X4 RD

    Requires a little bit more effort to assemble

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  • clewis97

    If you want to spend $400 to $500 bucks on a solid bike with great parts that looks really good and rides better (seemingly noiseless) you should look into Motobecane and this model at the web store.

    Ready to ride in 30 minutes. Brakes and gearing tuned right out of the box! Looks so nice! Flexible frame sizing options. I am 6'6" and had no idea how much better a properly fit bike is to ride.

    2 bolt stem and narrow bars were a disappointment but easily replaced. This is the first high-quality bike I have owned since my BMX days in the early 80's and it is a joy to ride!!!

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  • Wabusha

    Its all about the gear. As with any other bike you customize to suit your needs. These are simply good bikes like any other. Don't be discouraged by the internet or think the local bike shop won't like you. My LBS loves motobecane, they just can't make a living off them like they do with their trek or giant etc.. dealership. But they will gladly help any rider with any bike. If they won't, they're not the only LBS around and they won't be around for long. If youre looking for a good bike, here it is.
    I've beat the snot out of mine for about 4 years now and its showing no signs of fatigue. I have purchased several motobecane bikes and will buy more. Got grandkids.

    Great frame
    Easy internet ordering, arrived in 4 days, recommend getting LBS to size you
    Draco Hyraulic disc brakes
    Nice WTB saddle

    Tires, handlebars, stem, pedals
    People think they're bad because of the factory direct internet thing, not true they are very good.

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  • Ken1963


    Budget 29" hardtail, hydraulic discs

    Internet ordering

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  • Drew Colton Wilder

    The best bang for your buck if you're just getting into the MTB scene. I'd be willing to buy a fleet of these just for my friends to get to tag along.

    If you want to test the waters and see if you like MT biking, get this bike, if you dont like the sport, you can enjoy riding it around on the street as well.

    Hydraulic Brakes
    3x8 for a little more dual sportability
    Paint scheme looks nice

    handle bars are a bit narrow
    gears shift horribly slow and with little durability

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  • sissypants

    Do not fall for the Motobecane Fantom SPORT for the same price -- yes, the rims are painted, but no, you do not get the same value. This model is better!! I've had both and the choice (seemingly insignificant) is clear to me.

    - Hydraulic Disk Brakes
    - 29" tires
    - SramX4 RD
    - Nice speed and control on trail, heavier than higher-end bikes but handles anything I throw at it with maturity.
    - Versatile frame for tire upgrades/plus tires.

    Heavy. Pedals and seat needed upgrade right out of box (what else to expect?). Entry-level drivetrain may need more upkeep than starting a bit higher up.

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  • DTodd86

    Overall, a very good value for a hardtail 29er with decent componants, good brakes, and suspension, for $400 no tax, no shipping, you get to put it together.

    Hydraulic breaks, Sram X-4 components, 90 mm travel fork with hydraulic lockout, very reasonably priced for what you get.

    I've broken a hanger, everything else has held up well.

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