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Brand: Mongoose

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  • GTXC4

    I've had the FAT BIKE FLUTTERS for over a year, but wasn't sure of actually purchasing the "REAL DEAL". I mean, I have a loaded out Trek Fuel EX and I can ride that anywhere, well, virtually. But dishing out the bones for one of these puppies was an arena that I wasn't accustomed to. Much less, will I like it and how much will I ride it? Upon the thought that, I ride year around freezing or sweaty and the intrinsic desire to pursue this new adventure, while looking at parts off my old bike, I decided to go with this. It isn't the best thing out there, but I was able to customize it a little bit and it affords me the opportunity to see how much I enjoy the Fat Bike experience over time and so far I love it! If I still do in time, I'll look at a FS Fat Bike (like Salsa Bucksaw) and end it there. Not a bad deal if you want to test this out at a low price. I'm able to punch out climbs on local trails with this puppy, so good enough for now.

    Fat Bike experience at a budget price
    Tough sturdy frame
    Decent tires
    Comfortable saddle
    Chainring guard is a plus

    Heavy wheel set
    7-spd gear ratio is a little low
    Cassette is a thread on hub type
    Cheap components

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