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Brand: Mongoose

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Q: I've ridden mine nearly 5000 miles and have had only to replace the tires, handgrips and adjust the brakes!

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  • Sum Guy   ✓ supporter

    If its a department store bike expect the bike to be crap no matter how much you pay. I paif $400 for this and it was just as junky as my nephews $79 next.

    I got a used specialized on craigslist and never been happier.

    Looks nice
    Other than that none.

    1. Brakes don't stop you very well.
    2. The chain stretches out easily.
    3. The gears skip no mater how much time you spend tuning it.
    4. Under power when the gear skiped the rims folded and tacod.
    5. Small jump over a speed bump bent the handle bars.
    6. 3rd day of owning bike I tried to return it to Walmart, but they refused because it was so badly damaged.

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    I'm about 5' 10" and 225# and the suspension and frame seem decent for my weight and size.I'd not recommend this to many people unless they were on a tight budget like I currently am.I wanted to make sure riding was something I plan to stick with for awhile and this was a cheap way to find out without being so low quality that I would not enjoy riding at all.

    The suspension actually feels matched,a rare quality in Wal-Mart bikes.I like the frame geometry and how it "perches" you over the pedals better than an XC style bike for drops and ladder bridges.

    The cheap components,the triggers are better than grip shifters but are horrible compared to separate trigger/lever combos

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  • mrarteest

    I am in love with this bike ever since I saw it. I have not seen a bike that I like this much for its price. If you are not fat get this and get it tuned by a bike shop. If you are heavy like me, Walmart rims are way weak so be careful.

    I look good riding it, handsome as come, feels sturdy for 250lb rider

    Wheels may need truing from simple jumps, shifting is way off.

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  • dirtjello

    My first MTB and I have had no problems. The pedals that came with it were very flimsy and replaced those right away. I highly recommend getting this bike tuned right away. After tune up, its been a great ride on trails and roads.

    Price, great noobie bike

    Needed a tune up right away. Added some upgrades.

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  • slap8up

    Good for a hybrid conversion, your not so aggressive riding wife/kid, or the not so hardcore weekend rider.

    This bike turned into one of the best hybrid/road/comfort bikes I own when geared up with a rear rack, Kenda Kwest road tires, a frame pump, a bell light kit, and a water bottle.

    Slightly below what I would consider an entry level mountain bike, crank bearings went bad after only 2 months of mild road riding (mine only got trail ridden twice).

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  • lance_whyte

    I grade this bike with a C+ average..This is a great beginner bike and with care and a few upgrades on componets this is an awsome bike and ive rode them all..Its def not the best bike but for the money it can hold its own.....

    Sturdy frame good price and componets nice look..

    Componets are ok but will need to be upgraded within 6mons if ur an aggressive MTB person....Ugly decals

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  • spazjensen

    Good bike for noobies and the casual rider. Better be strong to pump that tank of a frame around.

    Real sturdy frame for the non-aggressive XC rider and/or noobie.

    Cheap components. Some serious upgrades needed. Needs some way better customer service. They suck.

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