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Brand: Kenda

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  • Flydyl

    What a great tire! This was my first true set of MTB tires, and these Nevegals were awesome, as I learned how to get through obstacles and have fun. A novice needs good traction to get through stuff that a better rider can cruise through. These tires provide crazy good traction. And a novice doesn't want to stop for flats... these never flat, no matter how much I abused them in the rocks--no cuts, no holes, no pinch flats. And I was using them with tubes. You can't race on these, b/c they're too slow, but if you're looking for a fun ride, these are great.

    Grip in climbs, grip in turns, grip on roots and rocks, mud handling, dirt handling, dry or wet traction. Bomb proof--long lasting and never flats.

    Heavy. Poor rolling resistance. Slow as heck on pavement.

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  • Jeremy Saltzer

    I would recommend this tire for all off road use. The tire grips well but needs 40 psi for good handling and pinch flat protection. If you would like a slower wearing tire, try the Kenda Kinetics.

    Good grip
    Wet traction

    Rolling resistance
    Tread wears quickly on pavement
    Needs 40psi

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  • oohoo

    Recommended for the aggressive rider who doesn't mind the additional weight and resistance. When I rode them the grip made up for the heavy/resistance. I wonder if the new Nevegal xpros will keep the strong grip while dropping the weight/resistance.

    GRIP!!! These things grab, on to everything roots, rocks, mud, dirt, all of it. Really gives you the confidence to go aggressive. Good price point.

    High Rolling resistance, Heavy, no tubeless version that isn't UST (way too heavy). If you ride on sharper edges rocks often the out knobs tend to rip off the tire. This took time to occur but it is a known issue with nevegals.

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  • jtorlando25

    I've used the DH version of this tire on my SX and it is one beast of a tire. The tread is deep and it grabs onto everything. It leaves monster truck ruts if the ground is even remotely wet. Love it.

    -Moto inspired tread grabs onto anything you put under it
    -Deep tread
    -Heavy duty

    -High rolling resistance

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