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  • remo10

    if you are looking for a bike that really handles tight get this bike!! If your looking for one that Is more foregiving don't.

    I like how tight it feels I have been riding for twelve years and about six years ago I began to really undrerstand the true handling charateristics of a good mountainbike. This bike climbs like a monkey with a matchstix stuck in it's ass!! If you setup the front and rear shocks just right you will fall in love. It corners like it's on rails so you really need too grow a pair and hold on!!

    some of the parts that come on it are a little to heavy for my likes but they get the job done till they can be upgraded.

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  • labrador944

    anyone can ride this one but it isnt made for the inexperienced rider to take on a single track trail right away...I am more afraid that i will hurt the bike more so than hurting me. This type of bike should be used for road ridding first, with short excursions onto the trail until you get used to the tight turns this bike is capable of making and some of the componets that allow you to customize the bike to the rider. At only 31 lbs this one is lighter than the 4.5 at 38lbs, its like going from a tank to a bike...litterally. Its very easy to loose this one from under you.

    absolutely everything! this bike has seen a few trails in the past year and i ride it EVERYWHERE, paved, gravel, grass and anything else i can find and it is flawless over any terrain. Very tightly built and takes a beatting and asks for more- laughs at 7-10 ft jumps, its very responsive overall. I paid $2400 for it and have since upgraded a few items that i didnt necessarily not like i just want the best for xc ridding and if im up on the mtn trail i want the best componets with the best bike under me that money can buy...Ive fitted it with all Shimano XTR componets except for the dual control shifters which came oem with it. I added a gravity dropper seatpost to this one too and even though it dosent necessarily need this type of seatpost, it works well for my needs!

    not much of anything...cheaper oem componets to start but even they were more than adequate to start with. The frame design is tight! you cant get more than a 2.1 size tire on the rear but you dont need more than that and i run a Kenda Nevegal 1.95 anyway...the 2.1 hits the frame ever so slightly with taller knobs and that is fine, this bike is supposed to be tight!

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  • mtbrdag   ✓ supporter

    Two notes - I'd recommend this bike for anyone really, and figure I'd save the 5 stars for if/when I ever find the perfect bike. I'm a nube so take my comments with a grain of salt.

    Smoothly changes gears, great components for the price (I paid $1200). I've been very rough on this bike and it has taken the beating nicely. This was a great bike for me to learn on, and my wife has also done very well on this bike.

    Tough question because I really love this bike. It's definitely heavier than higher end bikes, and the components are not the best available. There are a few components that I'll upgrade once they've seen their last - but so far this bike has not needed any serious work on it and I haven't had to replace any of the components.

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