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Brand: Gary Fisher

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  • Philster72

    Excellent bike! I highly recommend the Rosoce if you happen to come upon one. If you do find this nearly decade old bike, it could need some components to be replaced, but it is a fantastic ride. See the "Pros" section here for more description. It's a very durable bike if given some basic, routine care. It's an awesome bike for exploring deep, remote and varied wilderness trails, and even has bottle cage mounts for long journeys or desert rides. It's absolutely perfect for introducing beginner or intermediate riders to technical riding, and the Roscoe is able to take them a long way on many different types of rides after that. The Gary Fisher name went out in style with the Roscoe.

    Pure joy to ride, capable of handling both long climbs and aggressive tech on descents. Nimble, and excels at picking its way through rock gardens. In terms of trail bike geometry and ride feel, the frame lets you sit in it rather than over it, mimicking the feel of a DH bike on descents and inspiring huge amounts of confidence. Very low center of gravity for a trail bike, with 5.5" travel in the front to take on the steeper drops. Stiffens up well for climbs, and can even be adapted for Trail/XC applications with lighter tires/components, etc.

    It cannot handle steeply-pitched DH trails without stem and HB modifications, and no park jumps without risking cracking the frame. It cannot race XC. 26" tires may limit some who do not like that size. 26" tire availability may dwindle in the future, but so far it is still easy to order many styles and widths of tires to fit this bike. The fork is proprietary with the wheels. The pivots must be checked often, especially at the center link behind the rear shock, which has threads that can strip if the bolt is not kept tightened.

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