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Brand: Gary Fisher

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  • JTDavis

    I would recommend this bike for anyone wanting to upgrade their basic bike. It gets the job done up to some pretty rooty trails, it rolls over most things in the trail but downhill objects could throw you around if you're not ready

    29er, Rolls Over Everything
    Nice RockShox Tora TK front suspension
    Decent components (Sram X3, Shimano Deore)

    Disc Breaks could be a little better, still stops well
    Tread could be more grippy

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  • *****

    Rides over anything.

    No back suspension

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  • Tragedy1965

    I would absolutely recommend this bike, and I already have, several times, in fact.

    Once modified to my own personal taste and style, this will be the best bike I could ever hope to own. The more expensive bikes offer no better quality, value, or features. Why? Because you're just paying for the name.

    This bike is most certainly the worthy successor to my battle-weary 930 and while I got a solid 16 years out of the 930, I expect to get at least 20 out of the Mamba.

    Overall, I'm a very happy buyer in Colorado.

    The 29" rims are great. I can't possibly imagine going back to my 930's 26 inchers.

    The hydraulic brakes are smooth and effortless (but the disks need to stay clean for best operation).

    The shock is excellent and allows a fair amount of customization for a hard or soft ride.

    Every bike, like every car, comes equipped with cheap parts from the factory. Here, the Mamba is no different, but since I was already planning to upgrade a few things, it doesn't much matter to me.

    So far, I've replaced the grips and tires, and plan to replace the saddle and crank set in the future. I've also added a saddle bag and a frame-mounted air pump.

    For a bone stock bike, I think everything is fine as-is, but these were born to be modified.

    My only complaint would have to be the shifting is a little odd and takes some getting used to. The upshift/downshift uses a thumb/forefinger style, but is different between the right and left shifters.

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  • jfigel76

    I basically stripped everything off this frame and put it together with nicer parts.

    Price, value, color.

    Heavy, and handlebar, Shimano Centerlock.

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