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#130 out of 418 Full suspension bikes
Brand: Gary Fisher
Tags: aluminum, silver

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Q: where do i find one

Q: Looking to buy a 2008 Gary Fisher HiFi deluxe rear triangle, anyone have one for sale?

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  • Al-F

    Mine is the 2008 model with Fox RL 120 Fork instead of the Manitou. The Fox suspension is very plus, performs and holds up well.

    This bike will out handle most others. The G2 Geometry lives up to the promises of low speed handling improvement without hindering hi-speed handling and ability to descend. This is one of the best trail bikes for the $$.

    Wheels come tubeless ready and the tubeess conversion is well worth it.

    The Flat Black paint seems to scratch easily but its not hard to protect it, plus I like the stealth look.

    Its easy to discover a smile on your face when you ride this bike.

    I replaced the 90mm stem with an 80mm stem, this complimentsmy riding style better. I also replaced the stock grips with Lizard skin lock ons. I plan on putting a Thomson seatpost on it also and possibly floating brake discs.

    This bike totally rocks even stock!

    Ride quality, handling climbing, componentry

    Paint scratches easily

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  • dirragon1

    The first thing I did was order a better crank for this thing, the Shimano LX is crap. The rest of the components are pretty good for the price point. You can't really expect much more. How does it ride? Like a wet dream. This bike was only two pounds heavier than the Carbon Fisher, so I went with this instead, to save that $1600. The Fox ProPedal tech works pretty well, although it's not perfect, but the bike is so like that it climbs anything regardless. The downhill is insane on this thing... super tight through the single track, the shocks hold up well, feel solid, and again, it's so like you can jump it at will. Highly recommended. Fisher rocks.

    The lightness of the thing... good god. The frame is solid, and the componentry is pretty good for the money.

    Shimano parts.

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  • LaLD

    i've only been riding this bike for a few weeks (mine is the 2008 model GF HiFi Dlx). after spending the last 9 years on a hardtail with rim brakes the most noticeable difference is the ability to stop on a dime. i'm a big guy (6'2" 250 lbs.) so stopping is an issue. next up is the suspension, this bike gives me the confidence to do anything i want to and it climbs like a goat. my only grip about the stock set up is the tires, the Bontrager Jones that came on it are junk for my home area. other than that the only problem is the front end is light, i keep pulling it up on steep climbs, but i've mostly stopped that from just a small change in riding style. it's an all around great bike for the money.

    brakes, shocks (front and rear). love the shifting.

    heavy rear. stock tires have no traction. grips

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